How to Teach your Kids about Gratitude

Children learn all behavior from their parents, so if Mom and Dad feel frustrated and irritated, then the chances are that your kids will pick up on this and reflect it. So, if you want to prevent temper tantrums and tears this festive period, then its important that you begin teaching your kids how to be grateful for all the things in life that don’t have an expensive price tag. Say Thank You Learning how to say thank you, and be grateful for what you already have or have just received … [Read more...]

Christie Marie Sheldon, ‘…Gift of seeing your Energy Vibrations’

I'm sure you have a picture in your mind of the reality that you wish to live in - the career that drives and motivates you, the loving relationships, the sense of fulfillment that comes with truly believing in yourself... But getting there can be a little tricky. Especially when we carry barriers in our subconscious that society puts around us that stop us from taking action. These barriers are subtly ingrained into us after any experience, but more often than not are based on … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Year-round Gratitude

A survey of more than 2,000 people by the John Templeton Foundation showed that on average, 90 percent of people felt gratitude for their friends and family. More than 50 percent said they expressed gratitude so they or someone else would feel better. From getting more sleep to reducing the risk of heart attack, gratitude has proven to be a way to think yourself into better health. Feelings and expressions of gratitude alter the way people feel about themselves. Starting Out … [Read more...]

World Gratitude Day celebrated Sept 21

21 September 2011 is World Gratitude Day and I want to say Thank You! The United Nations Meditation Group created World Gratitude Day to express appreciation for the great things that individuals and groups do. This recognition is on a global basis. According to their website: "World Gratitude Day presents an award to someone who we feel has done something outstanding in the spirit of Globalism." The roots of World Gratitude Day was started in 1965 at the International … [Read more...]

Gratitude, 6 ways to develop new attitude – WOMEN in RECOVERY

6 Creative Ways to Develop Gratitude With the busy lives most of us lead, expressions of thanksgiving to God may seldom occur outside of mealtime prayers. Words of praise find few places to surface as we scurry through our day. We manage to squeeze in time to ask God for something, but how often do we just say “thank you”? The Bible teaches that giving thanks should be a priority. We have the example of the Apostle Paul who begins almost all his letters to the early churches by expressing … [Read more...]

Gratitude, a Rare Commodity

When was the last time you said “thank you”? When was the last time you genuinely meant it? For some it may be a few days or a week (that’s too long by the way) but for others it may have only been a few hours or even minutes. What are the reasons for a lack of gratitude being habitual in our daily lives? We don’t have time is a common statement.  Let's be honest with ourselves; that’s an excuse.  We have plenty of time to honestly offer thanks to the guy that let us ahead of him at … [Read more...]

Attitude of Gratitude in Action – WOMEN in RECOVERY

  ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE is Key to Abundance     As difficult as it can be, one must say 'ThankYou' for all that one has; and stop focusing on lack.   Start the morning with a first thought of 'Thank God I woke up today, for now I have another chance'. Then, always end one's day with a last thought of 'Thank God for what I did accomplish today'. Now, we all have those days where accomplishment appears empty, for growth is a slow process. On these days, KEEP IT SIMPLE, … [Read more...]

Gratitude is ‘not’ an Emotion – WOMEN in RECOVERY

           Think of all the things that do make You HAPPY...  The benefits of keeping gratitude journals So many of us confuse 'feeling' thankful with the actual decision made to show that we are thankful. For example, a neighbour brings back your lost puppy, and you tell them just how thankful you are. The more beneficial response would be to take the time, get to know that neighbour more and at the opportune time, DO something nice for them; be helpful in some way and  return … [Read more...]


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Taryn Galewind – The Rewards of Gratitude

  Better Quality of Life: The Rewards of Gratitude   You have the daily gift of 86,400 seconds to spend as you will—and you can almost certainly afford one second for gratitude. Meister Eckhart von Hochheim, a German philosopher and mystic born in the Thirteenth Century, calculated the seconds in a day to remind his students that gratitude has rewards.       Here are ten for you to consider: 1. You’ll smile as you give gratitude for a favor done, and the doer will smile back. Laughter and … [Read more...]


    INTERNATIONAL 'Thank You' Day!  January 11, 2011   A Celebration of Women sends our Gratitude to all the Women of our World.    Team Celebration sends our THANK-YOU to our gracious WOMEN of ACTION, our Bloggers, our Writers, and last but absolutely not least, our Readers.  It is an honor and pleasure to work for our readers and with each and everyone associated with A Celebration of Women, in any way.  We send our thanks to Courtney Leigh Hewitt's father, Mr. Todd Hewitt for his … [Read more...]

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