Here is Your Prescription…, Larry James

On the hit TV show, "Elementary," Sherlock, after lots of banter back and forth with his shrink, his psychiatrist abruptly said, "Hour's up!" and handed him a prescription. It read, "Make one new friend before next week." Friendship is a good thing, however, somehow we all forget how important it is. A friend is someone you know well and care about, who also knows and cares about you. We need more people like this in our lives. Great friendships improve all aspects of our lives. When you … [Read more...]

Love Never Fails – WOMEN in RECOVERY

Love is patient It is long-tempered, opposite of "short fused". Love is learning how to put up with others. It has restraint of anger, wrath, temper in all sorts of life situations . Patience is the key factor which is required in order to take a biblical course of action. Lack of patience is evidence of a lack of love. Love thinks of the other person first; lack of patience puts oneself first. Love shown to be giving of one's self, time, interests to another while giving up on … [Read more...]

Gratitude, 6 ways to develop new attitude – WOMEN in RECOVERY

6 Creative Ways to Develop Gratitude With the busy lives most of us lead, expressions of thanksgiving to God may seldom occur outside of mealtime prayers. Words of praise find few places to surface as we scurry through our day. We manage to squeeze in time to ask God for something, but how often do we just say “thank you”? The Bible teaches that giving thanks should be a priority. We have the example of the Apostle Paul who begins almost all his letters to the early churches by expressing … [Read more...]

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