Where is Gender Equality in 2024?

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Life on planet Earth has digressed for all women globally in this last decade or so. The effects of this last pandemic and current wars, women are the gender that seem to lose and suffer the most. In war zones women are victim to severe violence, in the boardroom women are waning at the table and even online our young women are victim to a growing exposure to misogyny and sexism.

The Independent UK writes: “Influencers are fueling a “toxic” environment for young girls and the scale of misogyny and sexism they face is getting worse, delegates at the annual conference of the National Education Union (NEU) heard.”

The United Nations chief says legal equality for women could take centuries as the fight for gender equality has become an uphill struggle against rank discrimination and gross human human rights abuses.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Legal equality for women could take centuries as the fight for gender equality is becoming an uphill struggle against widespread discrimination and gross human human rights abuses, the United Nations chief said on International Women’s Day 2024.

UN Chief stated to Associated Press:

Legal Equality for Women Could Take 300 Years as Backlash Rises Against Women’s Rights

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told a packed U.N. commemoration Friday that “a global backlash against women’s rights is threatening, and in some cases reversing, progress in developing and developed countries alike.”

The most egregious example is in Afghanistan, he said, where the ruling Taliban have barred girls from education beyond sixth grade, from employment outside the home, and from most public spaces, including parks and hair salons. At the current rate of change, legal equality for women could take 300 years to achieve and so could ending child marriage, he said.

Guterres also pointed to “a persistent epidemic of gender-based violence,” a gender pay gap of at least 20%, and the underrepresentation of women in politics. He cited September’s annual gathering of world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly, where just 12% of the speakers were women.

“And the global crises we face are hitting women and girls hardest — from poverty and hunger to climate disasters, war and terror,” the secretary-general said.

Even in our global sports world, women are still fighting to achieve the respect deserved. Olympics.com states: If it weren’t for activists and other bold, ambitious and talented women, we would be missing out on half of the excitement produced by sport today. Women have fought hard for a place in the world of sport, making their victory even sweeter. But inequality still exists, so the combat continues. Let’s meet these women and hear the story of how they started changing the world for better over a century ago. They started the race to 2024 – the last step towards historic Olympic gender equality.

As women, we look toward UN Women for guidance.

The UN Secretary-General’s System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity includes six UN Women–specific recommendations, which were incorporated in UN Women’s previous Implementation Plans. This strategy includes recommended actions to reach gender parity by 2028. It covers, among others, targets and accountability, special measures, enabling environment, senior appointments, and mission settings.

The progress and achievements as well as future commitments are reported as follows.

On a spiritual level, some believe every 8000 years, a cosmic dance unfolds, and the feminine energy takes center stage upon our beloved planet Earth. This last shift began in 1988. The backlash on gender parity may actually be sourced at a spiritual level caused by reverberating energies of the shift to female energy with male energy fighting for control of our planet… keeping an open mind.

In this celestial waltz, the moon whispers secrets to the tides, coaxing them to rise and fall in rhythm. The ancient forests sway to her gentle cadence, their leaves rustling like silk skirts brushing against the floor of the universe.

Gaia, the Earth herself, awakens from her slumber. She stretches her verdant limbs, sending roots deep into the soil, seeking connection with the heart of existence. Her pulse quickens, and the ley lines hum with anticipation.

The goddesses emerge from the shadows, their forms shifting between mist and flesh. They dance upon mountaintops, their laughter echoing through canyons and valleys. Each one embodies an aspect of creation—the fierce protectress, the nurturing mother, the wild enchantress.

And as the cosmic clock strikes its appointed hour, the female energy weaves a tapestry of renewal. She whispers courage to the downtrodden, stirs creativity in the hearts of artists, and ignites passion in lovers’ eyes.

The ancients knew of this sacred cycle—the rise and fall of the divine feminine. They etched her stories into cave walls, sang her hymns around bonfires, and carved her likeness into stone. She was Isis, Demeter, Inanna, and a thousand other names. Her power flowed through priestesses and queens, healers and warriors.

But time is a fickle companion, and memory fades like morning mist. The cosmic dance continues, yet many have forgotten the steps. The patriarchy, with its rigid structures and ironclad rules, has obscured the moon’s face and silenced the goddesses’ songs.

Yet hope glimmers on the horizon. The whispers persist—the call to reclaim the sacred feminine, to honor intuition, compassion, and interconnectedness. In the quiet moments, when the world holds its breath, we remember.

So let us dance, my fellow travelers, under the star-studded canopy. Let us invoke the goddess within, for she resides in every beating heart, every blade of grass, every tear shed in joy or sorrow.

And when the cosmic clock strikes once more, may we rise like the phoenix, reborn in the embrace of the divine feminine. ✨

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