What Causes Nerves Pains and How to Handle Them

Nerve pain refers to pain that's caused by disease or injury that affects the body's nervous system. It is also known as neuralgia or neuropathic pain. Nerve pain is a discomfort that comes as a result of signal problems from the nerves. This pain is different from the typical kind of pain caused by an injury. Nerve symptoms and pain vary from one person to another. Some people develop odd triggers that make them pretty sensitive to particular conditions because of the high sensitivity of the … [Read more...]

When Does Your Baby Start Kicking

Women who are pregnant find it exciting when they feel the new life kicking inside their womb. The fetus kicking inside the womb is the sign that it is growing healthy. It shows that the baby inside the womb is active and is developing in a healthy way. If you want to know when does your baby start kicking read this article to know more. You can feel the baby move inside after the seventh during the period of pregnancy. During the ninth week of gestation, you can start feeling the baby kicking … [Read more...]

How Toxic Substances Can Affect Health & What You Can Do

Your home should be a safe space for you and your family. However, homes are often the site of toxic chemicals found in the building materials of your home. To protect your family from them, you should know what to look for, and what to do if the materials in your house do produce ill effects over time. Asbestos Although asbestos was phased out in 1989, its prevalence is still common in older houses, especially in garages or outhouses. Asbestos was often used for electrical and building … [Read more...]

Why Sleep Is So Important

There are many reasons why getting enough sleep is vital to good health. In fact, its level of importance is on par with getting enough exercise. If you don't have enough rest, your body starts to feel it. Your body requires sleep for both rest and rejuvenation. While your mind may be resting, your body is strengthening itself. For adults, 7-9 hours of sleep is the right number for maintaining optimum health. Keep reading to learn more. Lack of Sleep Leads to Weight Gain If you don't get … [Read more...]

4 Signs You’re In Need of Botox

Whether it’s deep forehead creases or sagging skin, an aging face will always look different on everyone. Thankfully, there are quite a number of anti-aging solutions available today, meaning you don’t have to give up on your skin by letting it looked droopy and wrinkled anymore; regardless of your age. If age isn’t a determining factor in your decision-making with regard to whether you should get Botox or not, what is? Here is what top skincare professionals say are the signs you may need … [Read more...]

Is My Period Normal?

If you’ve ever dealt with your menstrual cycle before, you’ve probably asked this question. Your reproductive system is a complex, fantastic machine. However, it can also be the source of many problems. For instance, you probably know someone who has polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis. Both can be quite intimidating! It’s hard to say whether your menstrual cycle is normal or not. After all, everyone is different. However, let’s attempt to answer some common questions about … [Read more...]

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind When Vaping to Quit Smoking

Did you know that the first non-tobacco e-cigarette was developed in the year 1963 by Herbert Gilbert? However, the first commercial vaping device was created by a Hong Kong company in the mid-2000s. Since then vaping as a popular activity to help people quit smoking has been growing significantly. PR Newswire estimates that by the year 2023, the industry will likely be worth more than $43 billion. The interesting factor about e-cigarettes and other vaping devices is that manufacturers now sell … [Read more...]

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair without Irritation

Trimming your pubic hair may seem to be a straightforward process for many women. However, it is a hectic one to women who develop complications after the shave. No matter the quality of the shave, itching might be unavoidable to most people. For this reason, trimming can be the best solution to these problems. What you do to your hair down there is a personal choice. Unfortunately, you might be repeating the mistake now and then out of ignorance. Mistakes made during … [Read more...]

When to Move an Aging Parent into Your Home

Wanting your parents to be safe and comfortable as they grow old is a concern for many adult children. Older people tend to want to stay in their own home as they age, but it’s not always the best option. Having them move in with you is one scenario that many adult children consider. There are, however, many things you need to think about before inviting them to come and live with you. Is it the Right Thing for Everyone? Worries about your parents' safety, wellbeing and health can play … [Read more...]

10 Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

Getting a great night's sleep is challenging for millions of Americans and individuals from around the world. With hectic schedules, an increase in technology, and the inability to ever cease communication with the outside world can greatly impact your ability to sleep well each night. Implementing a few tips can drastically improve your ability to sleep through the night without feeling exhausted each morning you wake up. Invest in a Better Mattress One of the biggest issues individuals … [Read more...]


When the matter at hand is the smoking habits of men and women, we can say that the two genders cannot exactly be considered equal, which is a saddening reality. In other words, research shows that when it comes to quitting your smoking habits and getting out of a smoking routine, women tend to have a much harder time than men, most of the time. Even though the research on this issue is still considered to be “mixed”, it is said that in an investigation conducted not too long ago, more than a … [Read more...]

A Lady’s Guide to Hormones

Your body is a wonderful symphony of hormones, all working constantly every day for your wellbeing. While many women are familiar with the hormones estrogen and progesterone, there are many more hormones that are significant to our health. Like traffic controllers, hormones direct numerous important processes in the human body. Here is a brief introduction to some of the hormones present in your body, what they do, and the health effects they may have. Estrogen Perhaps the most famous … [Read more...]

Effective Methods for Women in Removing Skin Tags

A skin tag is basically a harmless growth and almost half of the adults all across the globe can or may be affected by it. They are usually tiny raised protrusions on one's skin that can be felt via touch using your fingers. They very rarely cause any medical complications at all, but they can prove bothersome sometimes. There are several home-removal remedies marketed all over the place, however, some are usually more effective than others. In this article, we're going to take a look at the … [Read more...]

Tips on How to Start a Healthier Lifestyle

Choosing to stay healthy is a conscious choice people need to make. The modern world we live in now is full of unhealthy food and lifestyle choices, so we need to educate ourselves so that we can make better choices, prevent diseases, and live longer and healthier. 1. A healthy weight is the key Maintaining weight within the normal range can be difficult for some, especially if they've been living a sedentary lifestyle for a while or all their lives. But if you start with something small, … [Read more...]

Using Sunscreen to Reduce Women’s Risk for Skin Cancer

The number of people with skin cancer in Canada is increasing annually. In fact, there are around 7,200 cases of malignant melanoma that are diagnosed every year. About 90% of these cases are caused by UV radiation by natural sunlight, or by the use of tanning beds. 11% of Canadian women use tanning beds regularly, putting themselves at higher risk. This is why it is so important to protect the skin from the sun’s rays, not only in the summer months, but also in winter. Wearing sunscreen on a … [Read more...]

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