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About us…

A Celebration of Women™ is the first and only global advocacy organization where Women Leaders are being ‘celebrated’ for spearheading positive philanthropic action collectively on one central stage, the world hub.

Connect with women across 227 countries and territories who are speaking out, building solidarity, and changing lives through enjoying the travel through our Women of Action™ pages. A global transformation of the women’s movement has begun; and we are on track celebrating each step made closer to gender equality through our global central platform we affectionately have dubbed The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care


Celebrating Positive Action created through the Three C’s of True Leadership

“Caring, Compassion & Courage”

Our aim and objectives of the Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™ are:

To celebrate the increase of universal education and promote the participation of women in each other’s lives; erasing borders, blazing the path of equality for all.

•To celebrate awareness, promote knowledge and understanding of gender equality

•To celebrate justice, campaign against gender inequality and discrimination of women in society

•To celebrate positive action, work for peace, security and human rights

•To celebrate collaboration, strengthen relations between the Alumni organizations, offering a central platform from which to create self sustainable business and trade

•To celebrate unity, extend relations between member organizations and other women’s organizations of similar beliefs and values

… our very own butterfly effect has BEGUN !!!

Through the creation of our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™, our advocacy, recognition, and celebration of these positive changes in the lives on this planet created by our members, we have become the first central global platform for all women leaders in philanthropy and their followers.

Our WOMEN of ACTION™ are trailblazers in this millennium, with hundreds of women leaders on all continents.  Pioneering the new woman’s movement, a new paradigm of thinking that only through female leadership and the achievement of “Equality of Women among Women” will our world ever see a sustainable socioeconomic equality for any woman. 

True to its advocacy mandate, A Celebration of Women is the only world hub for all women’s philanthropic groups to celebrate their founders, members, associates and those ‘paying forward‘ in a global effort to collaborate in our mission, vision and Take Action to help us achieve our collective goals.

MICRO FINANCE OBJECTIVE: •To raise funds globally and divide % of this collective to our Alumni members through rigid Application for Funding Grant Program. Each of our members will be able to make application for Grant to assist them individually with their charitable projects, and upon Board Approval, funding will be released to respective project. * Terms & Conditions Apply.

LONG TERM GOAL: To build our very own safe houses that will offer women and children safe haven from violence, education and work programs, making each of our houses self sustainable. We have named these centres: Celebration House™.



Celebration House is born

A Celebration of Women™
The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care
Toronto, Canada
d. 647 410-4366
Web: www.acelebrationofwomen.org
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“Strengthening the unity among all of us is where the magic lies.”

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