January 11, 2011


A Celebration of Women

sends our Gratitude to all the Women of our World. 


Team Celebration sends our THANK-YOU to our gracious WOMEN of ACTION, our Bloggers, our Writers, and last but absolutely not least, our Readers.  It is an honor and pleasure to work for our readers and with each and everyone associated with A Celebration of Women, in any way. 

We send our thanks to Courtney Leigh Hewitt’s father, Mr. Todd Hewitt for his undying faith; as well as, Ginger Katz of The Courage Foundation for the mandate to help her Foundation, and many other beneficiaries of A Celebration of Women.  Being gifted with the opportunity to be of service enlarges our Purpose of Existence, while providing new challenges daily for our Team. 


It is also an honor to thank Google, Globe Holidays and Wikipedia for their undying support…as many of our images, our newsfeed and much of our informative text is provided by these two awesome resources.  As a NOT FOR PROFIT Organization, it is the pleasure of Team Celebration to do the RESEARCH, RESEARCH and more RESEARCH so to publish awesome daily messages that we love to share with the Women of our World online through our EZINE, with the eternal prayer that a new LIGHT is inspired & lit daily around the world….to TAKE ACTION!

The resource of a message may not always be virgin; but, re-used at the right time, in the right place with the right purpose; the original message may be HEARD by someone that did not hear it the first time!

Our Mission in Life is to inspire ALL Women to Take Action in their lives.  We hope to inspire the Truth that by Healing ourselves, we will naturally Heal the World around us.


As Founder, I remind each and every Woman reading this that YOU are SPIRITS with the…

*Strength of a LION with the Heart of a LAMB*. 


THANK YOU, Everyone!






WHAT in Your Life are YOU thankful for….?


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