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Think of all the things that do make You HAPPY… 

The benefits of keeping gratitude journals

So many of us confuse ‘feeling‘ thankful with the actual decision made to show that we are thankful. For example, a neighbour brings back your lost puppy, and you tell them just how thankful you are. The more beneficial response would be to take the time, get to know that neighbour more and at the opportune time, DO something nice for them; be helpful in some way and  return their act of kindness with an Action of Gratitude that they are ‘alive’.

 Gratitude Journalling can open hearts…

Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be just a regular old spiral note book. Of course, I prefer a notebook just a little more fancy myself. It makes me feel good to write in it. The choice of your journal is not important except that it should make you want to write in it. Find a notebook that is in your favorite color, one that ‘feels’ good when you touch it, drawing you back to it daily as a comfort to you.

Once you have chosen your journal, it is time to get to work. You don’t have to fill a page every day but, you do want to make entries on a daily basis. I try to put down 10 things I am grateful for everyday in mine. I date each entry and then I write the numbers 1-10 down the side of the page for my gratitude list. Once I have done this I enter in the things I am grateful for that day. Sometimes I add a few more, but I always jot down at least ten as it will awaken and expand your thinking to a realization that life does have so much more to be thankful for than surface thoughts would dictate and allow us to feel instantly without the effort of the journalling….the Action.

You can keep your journal where you like. I keep mine by my bed along with a pen, so that each night before I go to bed I can make my entries. Doing this before you go to bed will also melt the stresses of the day away and allow you to sleep more soundly. Ipersonally keep a section to record my dreams, as well.  If than interests you, join me!

Writing in your journal is just one way to express gratitude. The benefits of expressing gratitude are well worth the effort regardless of the method you choose to express it.


 Below are just a few Keys to Life one gets from Gratitude:

  • A key to inspire strangers, my friends, and me
  • A key to life that sets me free
  • A key to heal insult and injury
  • A key to awareness, when I refuse to dream
  • A key to finding forgiveness and feeling peace
  • A key to manifest my desires, what I want, and who I want to be
  • A key to light the dark times, when I can’t see
  • A key to expressing my preferences, what I love, the real me
  • A key to feeling the present moment, gently
  • A key to reconnect me to humility
  • A key to boundless opportunity, when I get caught in my limited certainty
  • A key to transcendence, imagination, and epiphany
  • A key to turn the hardest moment into a glorious journey
  • A key to the only foolproof system of love in the galaxy


GRATITUDE is the Key to access infinite possibilities and when I share my Gratitude, as it enriches you and me.  Gratitude is actually the doorway, choice is the real Key. 
Thankful to the Original Gratitude List for these Keys

The best part about gratitude is that gratitude is always…absolutely FREE!




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