How to Teach your Kids about Gratitude

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Children learn all behavior from their parents, so if Mom and Dad feel frustrated and irritated, then the chances are that your kids will pick up on this and reflect it. So, if you want to prevent temper tantrums and tears this festive period, then its important that you begin teaching your kids how to be grateful for all the things in life that don’t have an expensive price tag.

Say Thank You

Learning how to say thank you, and be grateful for what you already have or have just received is an important life skill. An ungrateful child will grow up into a spoilt and bratty adult. Make sure that your kids take time to say thank you and show love and appreciation for any gifts that they receive over the holiday season. Teach your children that saying thank you isn’t difficult – by simply sending a letter or giving a hug they are demonstrating how they feel. It’s important to learn how to say thanks from an early age. You will need this skill, as you progress through difficult situations in both your work and personal life, so make sure that your kids understand the importance of those two small words.

Encourage Generosity

Make sure that you explain what it means to be generous to your kids, so that they can appreciate and share in the goodwill during the Christmas holidays. If you volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter then why not get your kids to come along and lend a hand? You could also involve your children in choosing and buying presents for their friends or other family members. Nickis Gucci babies collection has a range of designs and styles that are perfect for giving as gifts. If your kids are involved in the choosing and wrapping of presents, then they will be able to share in those important feelings of goodwill when any recipient opens a gift from them. So, make sure that you fully involve your kids in all aspects of preparation for the holiday season.

Be Thankful Every Day

Take time with your kids to write a list or give thanks for family and friends on a daily basis. Even if they wake up grumpy or tired, encourage your children to take a step back and be grateful for what they already have. You could turn this into a daily activity for the entire family to share and enjoy together. Remember, being thankful only takes a few minutes.

If you want to encourage your children to learn about gratitude, then you will need to make sure that you change your behavior too. Make sure that your entire family is thankful every day and encourage all your family members to be generous. Be sure to encourage your kids to say thank you – as this is a life skill that is important for the future.

Thanks to Lauren Greger

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