BuddhaGroove Salons, Launch Celebration: JULY 21

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“OMGoddess I am SO. EXCITED!!!!”, Brenda MacIntyre

Brenda MacIntyre says: "OMGoddess I am SO. EXCITED!!!!" Just sat with my accountant and went over some figures and... my NET INCOME has increased by 555% in the last 5 years - purely from being fully 100% self-employed!!! 555 = major life change, according to Doreen Virtue, and that is no surprise to me. Something big for me is coming in the next few months and I and others have been sensing that. So awesome to see that confirmation in my money numbers!! Big huge GRATITUDE and LOVE for … [Read more...]

Confucianism and WOMEN

LEARNING TO BE HUMAN  Tu Wei-ming, “A Confucian Perspective on Learning to be Human”   Confucian Thought: Selfhood as Creative Transformation (Albany: 1985), 51-66 The Confucian commitment to the human community is firm and comprehensive. This commitment means that the whole Confucian enterprise begins with the person living here and now. It also means that the person in ordinary daily existence is the basis for the full realization of humanity. The Confucian insistence that … [Read more...]

New Beginnings in understanding: ‘At-one-ment’, Lucille Schiable

  At-one-ment, new beginnings into understanding... The following course study into the life of the spirit was made accessible by an amazing woman: Lucille Schiable. May her spirit be with us always!       "Initiation means a new beginning; in one sense, a birth; a path or way of least resistance for the birth of the Soul within the conscious awareness of man." The purpose of evolution,as far as man's mind has been able to grasp, is At-one-ment, complete with … [Read more...]

AWAKENING – Sacred Breath Workshop – July 27 (Chicago Area)

SACRED BREATH HEALING WORKSHOP FRIDAY, 7 PM, JULY 27TH SOHMAR MASSAGE SCHOOL, DOWNERS GROVE, IL AWAKENING! JOIN US ... AS WE AWAKEN MORE FULLY TO THE ... 'I AM PURE PRESENCE' 2012 is a year of great breakthrough. Doors will suddenly open for those who are prepared to receive waves of Light, new alignments and assistance in moving forward toward their soul destiny. BE EXPECTANT BELOVED, I AM THERE DETAILS: SHIRLEE 630-202-3818 BRING A MAT, PILLOW, … [Read more...]

SHIRLEE HALL …Training for the Divine

Let Me Remember ... Let Me Remember True knowledge is secretly hidden within. Awareness of Radiant Light at my center, quickens God's Presence as mine. Let Me Remember To co-operate knowingly with God moment to moment as Light in form. As balance, I bring forth healing of body, mind and soul. Let Me Remember God's universe is orderly, unlimited and available to me. Intimacy and peace are mine in direct measure of my spiritual awakening. Let Me Remember Through belief, … [Read more...]

A `Knowing Woman` Nurturing the Feminine Soul, Jo Garceau ~ WOMEN in RECOVERY

A Celebration of Women urges You as a Woman, to Follow Your Heart ... know Your Purpose in Life. Psychology of Women Depth psychology, introduced by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, pioneered the idea of unconscious aspects of human consciousness. In this model, much of human thought and action is culturally and/or personally repressed because it is deemed unacceptable. Since the culture historically placed women in a secondary … [Read more...]

VERONICA – When Assessing The Value Of Any Relationship

When Assessing The Value Of Any Relationship "Encounters with others while in the physical can impact both parties deeply. The exchange of energy needs to be balanced enough to create opportunity of growth for all. It is through a harmonious exchange of energy that most lessons are learned. By harmonious we do not always mean pleasant. Some energies come into our lives to participate in lessons that may be extremely uncomfortable for all. It is always important to look at the … [Read more...]

Louise Hay is Taking Action with October ‘PRESENT Moments’!

Connect with Hay House IN THIS ISSUE | October 2011 INSPIRATION Deep Truth by Gregg Braden FOCUS ON A HAY HO-- USE AUTHOR Baby Boomer Donna Gates PONDER THIS! The SparkPeople Cookbook by Chef Meg Galvin SELF-HELP ADVICE The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor ON DEMAND The Art of Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl Richardson SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING EVENTS Author Lectures and … [Read more...]

Amanda Goldston is Taking Action Expanding her Calling!

  A Celebration of Women is elated to Celebrate the Expansion of our Amanda Goldston's calling in this lifetime. This woman of spirit is available to the Women of our World, and here she is making her services even easier to obtain. Celebrate this growth with us and take a peek at her website. I personally LOVE the INSPIRATION CARDS, what a lift in a time of uncertainty. Brava Amanda ! Amanda says to the Women of our World: "There have been lots of things happening in the … [Read more...]

Taryn Galewind – Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.

Let Go of Things That No Longer Serve Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Clean breezes billow through your curtains as purifying sunlight washes walls and floors, lifting your mood and energizing you. You grab a broom, a dust cloth, and organic cleansers to spiff up your home, your sanctuary. Great—but attend to spiritual spring cleaning, too. Recognize what doesn’t serve you anymore, and let go. How do you decide what no longer serves a positive function? Consider … [Read more...]

Shirlee Hall Taking Action! Enlightenment Workbook – My Own Tree

  A Celebration of Women is taking this time to remind all the Women of our World that Shirlee Hall has Taken Action, and created this workbook for YOU!   Connect with Shirlee and she will be elated to reply. LEAVE QUESTIONS in COMMENT BOX     Take Action!   SHIRLEE HALL BOOK: www.behealedforever.com   … [Read more...]


    Shirlee Hall : WHO AM I ?     Do you ask yourself, "Who am I?", "What am I?", "Why am I?", "Where am I bound?", "What is my relation to the universe, to man, to all life and to God?", "What is Truth?", "How am I to know Truth?", "What is the source of my power?", "What is spiritual healing?", "Why does prayer not always work?" and "How am I to find balance?".  I have had the great privilege of helping people through spiritual healing and a powerful heart connection all my adult life. … [Read more...]

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