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Do you ask yourself, “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, “Why am I?”, “Where am I bound?”, “What is my relation to the universe, to man, to all life and to God?”, “What is Truth?”, “How am I to know Truth?”, “What is the source of my power?”, “What is spiritual healing?”, “Why does prayer not always work?” and “How am I to find balance?”. 

I have had the great privilege of helping people through spiritual healing and a powerful heart connection all my adult life. Knowing who we are and the amazing possibilities available to us is an ongoing journey of love and trust. I am convinced that anything is possible. If we remain steadfast in our dream, it will materialize. The Good is waiting to bless us. I believe in our inherent goodness, beauty and light. Through wisdom gained from experience, I joyfully share how to accept the goodness and be free of restrictions, fear and a false sense of separation.

Many of the acts in the visible world are outrageous. Simultaneously, there is a radiant beauty, hope, love and Light behind the scenes. We are here for the purpose of raising life to a higher level of expression. To be one’s true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word. It is a gift. The more we gift others with what we have embraced, the less life will be a mystery. To fall in love is to be who you really are. To be who you are is beyond mere words. It is an aliveness, an energy that heals and inspires. You are the mystery. Unveil yourself and the ridddle is solved…

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