Spiritual Re-Awakening {Acsension} in Women

~ SPIRITUAL ASCENSION ~ Humankind is in the midst of a Massive Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual Re-Awakening requires you spend some time Alone, in quiet thought. Divine Guidance has opened the door... You were created to make a difference to Impact our Society to make this world a better place. It is important that you allow Yourself to decompress find quiet time to reflect, continue to grow spiritually, nourish yourself spiritually and emotional. Listen and … [Read more...]

Inspiration of the Day ~ Who Am I ?

Pay close attention God and the angels are trying to speak to you.   Divine Guidance:   If you could see yourself as spirit sees you, there would be no doubt about the importance of this life. You would understand why it's so vital that you wake up fully and walk the Earth like the Divine being you truly are. Your angels are inspiring you make your best efforts to create a life worthy of remembering. You know the potency of using your next present moments to masterfully create a new … [Read more...]


    Shirlee Hall : WHO AM I ?     Do you ask yourself, "Who am I?", "What am I?", "Why am I?", "Where am I bound?", "What is my relation to the universe, to man, to all life and to God?", "What is Truth?", "How am I to know Truth?", "What is the source of my power?", "What is spiritual healing?", "Why does prayer not always work?" and "How am I to find balance?".  I have had the great privilege of helping people through spiritual healing and a powerful heart connection all my adult life. … [Read more...]

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