Silence           "Every silence must be carried through towards death so that it is immortal   And every smile and tear and glance must be detached from what is fragile and finite   Even an oak leaf cannot for ever be happy on a branch even a dove is not for ever on a window sill   What flies away will come back what stays will sing   Silence is the memento after everything faithful as it were not silence after love."             This short poem by Polish … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL Video – Spiritual Transition

  Spiritual Transition   Meditative, spiritual, healing flute music played on cedar native american style flute. Music composed after a dear friend passed. Visual transitions of waterlilies blooming in my garden accompanies music. "Transitions" played by Henry Matutino on Native American style cedar flute. Images and transitions by Henry Matutino. Recorded on Zoom H2. Video Online Only          It is … [Read more...]

Sanctuary of – WOMEN in RECOVERY *Meditation

VIDEO MEDITATION ONLINE ONLY. - This meditation is a sample from Journey to the Soul CD - Guided Angelic meditations by Michelle Roberton-Jones. Every challenge in life is a gift of healing. Your choice is to move through the challenge to a new you or stay in the chaos. Each journey is a sacred path, our experiences individual & unique. Yet it need not be a lonely journey. We can share our truth & wisdom & in doing so support & … [Read more...]

A Moment of Clarity – The Voice vs. the Brain

    A Celebration of Women™ has been born to Celebrate, educate, bring hope, inspire and motivate all Women of our World.   A Moment of Clarity   ... and transformation begins ...     The Voice vs. the Brain   “Have you ever had a moment in your life where you knew that you were not doing what you were supposed to be doing?” It would be a fearful split second when you swore you heard a Voice; yet, were so overwhelmed with fear to share the experience with anyone that you … [Read more...]


    Shirlee Hall : WHO AM I ?     Do you ask yourself, "Who am I?", "What am I?", "Why am I?", "Where am I bound?", "What is my relation to the universe, to man, to all life and to God?", "What is Truth?", "How am I to know Truth?", "What is the source of my power?", "What is spiritual healing?", "Why does prayer not always work?" and "How am I to find balance?".  I have had the great privilege of helping people through spiritual healing and a powerful heart connection all my adult life. … [Read more...]

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