Amanda Goldston is Taking Action Expanding her Calling!


A Celebration of Women

is elated to Celebrate the Expansion of our Amanda Goldston’s calling in this lifetime. This woman of spirit is available to the Women of our World, and here she is making her services even easier to obtain. Celebrate this growth with us and take a peek at her website.

I personally LOVE the INSPIRATION CARDS, what a lift in a time of uncertainty.

Brava Amanda !

Amanda says to the Women of our World:
There have been lots of things happening in the last few weeks that I would like to tell you about…”

New Shop

Firstly I have now moved all of my products to their new home on the Get Your Dream Life website. All of my current products are in there, including Clear Limiting Beliefs and a special package for Holistic Practitioners, Creative Problem Solver, Develop Your Intuition, Meet your Angel Products and much more.

Please check it out –


Angel Card Reading and Inspiration Card Reading

The very popular Angel Card reading from Dyan Garris is still on the Angels of Abundance website. It is also on the Get Your Dream Life website as well.

In addition to Dyan’s beautiful Angel Card Reading, I have also included the Inspiration Card reading that my amazingly talented Photographer husband, Greg, has created.

This has stunning images and inspirational messages as a Card of the Day Reading. You also have the option to receive a Card of the Week with an uplifting message.

You can find the Inspiration Card Reading at –

Changing Interests

You may have seen from my recent emails that my life and business interests are changing and moving into exciting new areas. The topics that I am going to be writing about are BEING, Higher Self, Intuition, Unworthiness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Energy Clearing and raising your energetic vibration to BE more in alignment with the things you choose to desire.

I am focusing less on teaching Tarot, although Wisdom Card Readings are still available and I still use the cards in my everyday life and as a tool for quickly getting to the core of blockages with my Unworthiness Fairy Coaching clients.

I realise that these topics will not be to everyone’s taste, so if they do not appeal to you, please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for being on my subscriber list and wish you abundance on your journey.


Unworthiness Fairy

Having had some major breakthroughs in my life recently, I discovered that my biggest Limiting Belief was a profound sense of Unworthiness and not feeling deserving of the Abundance of Life. Unworthiness shows up in the energy field and is not that hard to clear – especially with the energies of the Earth rising as they are.

So out of a deep desire to depart this planet came the Birth of the Unworthiness Fairy, with the magic zapping wand to clear Unworthiness out of the world.

Please check out my new website, blog and the services of the Unworthiness Fairy.


Coming soon!

I am going to be running some webinars and online courses on the above topics in the near future. I am also busy creating meditations and supporting materials, which will be available very soon.

How can I help you?

What topics would be of interest to you? What would help you in your journey to Abundance? Please let me know and I will see what I can do.

VIP Abundance Area

I have created a new VIP Abundance members area, which is FREE, where you can access, exclusive, never-before-released meditations, early bird news and discounts on products, services, webinars, workshops and retreats.


Free Chakra Balancing Relaxation and other gifts

To celebrate the opening of the new VIP Abundance area, I would like to give several free gifts of ebooks and meditations that I have created.

You are the first to try out a beautiful, deep -relaxation, chakra balancing relaxation that I have never before released. It takes you on a journey to a special place, whilst cleaning, cleansing and balancing your chakras.

As you are already a subscriber, you can access these gifts without needing to sign up again.


Please go to the Welcome to VIP Abundance Area for your gifts and meditations.


Keep in Touch

You can reach me through my blogs or through my Facebook page called – Amanda Goldston – Spiritual Intuition or through Twitter or LinkedIn.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.



With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

The Unworthiness Fairy




Goldston Group, 29 Victoria Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7HU, UNITED KINGDOM

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