VERONICA – When Assessing The Value Of Any Relationship

When Assessing The Value Of Any Relationship

“Encounters with others while in the physical can impact both parties deeply. The exchange of energy needs to be balanced enough to create opportunity of growth for all. It is through a harmonious exchange of energy that most lessons are learned.

By harmonious we do not always mean pleasant. Some energies come into our lives to participate in lessons that may be extremely uncomfortable for all. It is always important to look at the end result when assessing the value of any relationship. Creating balance energetically is important in that everyone involved gets what they desired from the relationship. Often what one desires spiritually can be different from what one expects physically.

So how does one effectively create harmonious relationships? One where everyone expands and grows from participation within it?

First and foremost it is important to speak your truth. no matter what the circumstance. It is important to know yourself well enough to present whatever it is that resonates within your soul.

In many relationships one will hold back who they truly are to create what they perceive to be an easier relationship.

Those who do this often create great turmoil for themselves by extending what should have been a participation of short duration into a life long one. There can also be inner confusion within the one who has held their truth within for so long.

Decide to start being yourself. See what it creates in your life. Those around you will be affected by your choice as you will be.

An honest exchange might be just what is needed to create the harmonious relationship that you are in or want to create.

Be you.

You are incredible. That is the truth.”

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