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Braden Deep Truth
by Gregg Braden
Gates Baby Boomer Donna Gates
Galvin The SparkPeople Cookbook
by Chef Meg Galvin
Anne Taylor The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives
by Sandra Anne Taylor
Richardson The Art of Extreme Self-Care
with Cheryl Richardson
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Deep TruthGregg Braden 
Inspiration Deep Truth
Hope on the Horizon
by Gregg Braden
Who are we?… A revolution in the way we think of ourselves is sweeping the world. It’s forcing us to rewrite the story of our origins, our past, how long we’ve been here, and where we’re going. Even though the revolution began in the early 20th century, it has gone unnoticed by average people going about their daily routines—that is, unless they’re among the group of scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding how life and the universe work.For the archaeologists struggling to fit the discovery of advanced ice age civilizations into the traditional timeline of history, for example, and the biologists publishing more than 400 peer-reviewed studies showing that nature is based upon cooperation rather than “survival of the fittest,” the revolution in thinking feels like a major-magnitude earthquake. It registers “off the scale” of new ideas as it levels some of the most cherished beliefs of conventional science. In its wake is left a wide swath of outdated teachings, demanding the reevaluation of long-held traditions and destroying the legacy of entire careers. The reason? Discoveries have shown that many of the scientific “facts” we’ve trusted for centuries to explain the universe and our role in it are flawed.An obsolete paradigm of the universe and our relationship to it was based upon a series of scientific assumptions—false assumptions—that can no longer be taught as fact in light of new evidence. Examples of these include the following:

• False Assumption 1: Civilization is approximately 5,000 to 5,500 years old.
• False Assumption 2: Nature is based upon “survival of the fittest.”
• False Assumption 3: Random events of evolution explain human origins.
• False Assumption 4: Consciousness is separate from our physical world.
• False Assumption 5: The space between things is empty.

When we think about everyday life—the way we care for ourselves and our families, how we solve our problems, the choices we make—we find that much of what we accept as common knowledge is rooted in the core beliefs of these false assumptions, which are holdovers of an outdated science that began 300 years ago. It may be no coincidence that during this same period of time, the world has found itself facing the greatest crises of war, suffering, and disease in recorded history. These ideas of our sterile-sounding chemical origins, of our relatively recent arrival on Earth, and of our separateness from nature have led us to believe that we’re little more than specks of dust in the universe and a biological sidebar in the overall scheme of life.

Is it any wonder that we often feel powerless to help our loved ones and ourselves when we face life’s great crises? Is it any wonder that we often feel just as helpless when we see our world changing so fast that it has been described as “falling apart at the seams”?

At first blush there seems to be no reason for us to think any differently, to believe we have any control over ourselves or events. After all, there’s nothing in our traditional textbooks or traditional way of seeing the world that allows for anything else…

That is, however, until we take another look at the new discoveries of the last years of the 20th century. Although the results of paradigm-shattering research have been published in leading technical journals, they’re often shared in the complex language of science, masking the power of their meaning from a nonscientific person. Average nonscientific, nontechnical people don’t feel the impact of the new discoveries because they’re being left out of the conversation. And that’s where our revolution comes in.


Do you ever question how we can possibly know what to choose—what policies to enact, what laws to pass—to help build a sustainable economy and bridge the issues that are tearing the fabric of our relationships and society? In his new book,Deep Truth, New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden shares new discoveries that change the way we think about everything from our personal relationships to civilization itself. “When the facts become clear, our choices become obvious.” Gregg’s work is now published in 17 languages and 33 countries and shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past. Gregg’s captivating new book Deep Truth is set to release on October 18th and is now available for pre-order everywhere books are sold, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or HayHouse.com.

Also available on an 8-CD abridged audio book, click here.

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The Baby Boomer DietDonna Gates
Focus on Hay House Author Baby Boomer Donna Gates
and A Diet to Help Us Stay Young

Our greatest mission lies ahead…

Sixty-one percent of Baby Boomers (usually defined as those individuals born between 1946 and 1964) surveyed by AARP in 2004 said they felt younger than their age. Yet two in ten of these cited physical health as the one area of their lives they would most like to change, while three in ten said that their physical health was worse than they expected it to be at this point in their lives. Only a little more than half thought they were likely to achieve their goal of improved physical health.*

The Washington Post reported that a number of recent large surveys are showing some surprising feedback from Boomers who appear to be less healthy than their forebears were at the same age. In spite of their gym memberships, Boomers are less physically active than their parents and grandparents, due in part to long commuting times and jobs that keep them in front of a computer screen all day. Although there are fewer smokers in our generation, more of us are likely to report chronic pain, drinking and psychiatric problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and debilitating levels of stress.**

One wonders if we Baby Boomers feel young in spirit, in spite of what our bodies may be telling us. Or do we just have higher expectations for ourselves? The reality is, despite our optimism, our greater prospects, and the millions of dollars we will spend on our health, we Boomers will confront new and often premature health threats simply because of the world we’ve been living in and the choices we’ve made.

Our bodies were not designed to absorb synthetic chemicals, even in small doses, throughout an entire lifetime. Environmental toxins alter our DNA. They damage our immune systems. They increase our predisposition to illness and disease. And they are passed on, through the umbilical cord and blood of the mother, to our children and grandchildren. In fact, from the moment sperm and egg cells come together, toxins are already present. Children born today are coming into the world with serious infections, weakened immune systems, and increased susceptibilities to certain diseases.

Baby Boomers grapple with new psychological stresses as well. Since the 1970s, globalization and other economic developments have seriously eroded the kind of job security that was the norm in the decades following World War II.

Today, Baby Boomers are particularly vulnerable to these economic shifts, and are often among the first to be laid off and the last to be rehired by employers who perceive them as more expensive and less flexible than younger workers. Once again, our generation is faced with redefining itself; and, for some, this will literally mean starting over. Rising life expectancy, aging parents, and faulty pension plans mean that many of us will need to work much longer than our parents did, whether we want to or not. This makes our continued good health not wishful thinking but a practical necessity.

As we Boomers struggle to stay young, many of us have turned to quick-fix solutions—cosmetic procedures, anti-aging hormones, and extreme diets to stave off the aging process. But these methods are akin to repainting a dilapidated car. At first glance, these cosmetic changes may improve the appearance, but they don’t account for more important and deep-seated issues. These can only be addressed through an understanding of our inner ecosystem; and how diet, food purity and selection, and lifestyle choices can lessen the effects of aging, giving us not just longer lives, but better ones.

We Baby Boomers are celebrated for our independence, for ignoring and even defying convention, and for our unswerving idealism. We are a generation of trendsetters. Staying healthy and vital is not just a pipe dream for us; it is our calling. We have long been the forerunners of social, political, and environmental change. Now it is vital that we also bring about a revolution in health and develop truly revolutionary roles for maturity. It is time that we harnessed our resources—our sheer numbers, our money, our wisdom, and our will—to heal our bodies and our planet.

Our greatest mission lies ahead.


Now, 78 million strong and approaching retirement, Baby Boomers are showing few signs of slowing down. They are the trendsetters… but they are also the first generation to experience the devastating assault of the chemical era—crop pesticides, synthetic chemicals and processed foods. Can Baby Boomers still maintain their health and continue to look and feel younger? In her new book, The Baby Boomer Diet, nutritional consultant, author and lecturer Donna Gates says yes and she’s living proof that it works! As the originator of Body Ecology—a world-renowned system of healing—Donna offers insights into why you age and how you can prevent it, superfood recommendations to boost your vitality and little-known secrets that can help you deal with the stresses and pressures of your daily schedule. The Baby Boomer Diet is set to release on October 13th and is now available for pre-order everywhere books are sold, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or HayHouse.com.

*AARP, Boomers at Midlife: The AARP Life Stage Study (Washington, D.C.: AARP, 2005): 3.85.

**Rob Stein, “Baby Boomers Appear to be Less Healthy Than Parents,” The Washington Post, April 20, 2007: 1–3, washingtonpost.com.

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The SparkPeople CookbookChef Meg Galvin
Ponder This The SparkPeople Cookbook
Love Your Food, Lose the Weight
by Chef Meg Galvin
Do you eat like Goldilocks?… Molière told us we should eat to live, but most of us live to eat—grabbing unhealthy foods on the run, munching mindlessly when we’re stressed out, overeating at mealtime and in between. Food, as the source of energy and nutrition for our bodies, is what allows us to get off the couch, run a 5K, and chase after our kids all day. It’s also, as we know, a source of pleasure. As much as we might try to dissociate food and emotions, the two are inextricably linked.How do you strike a balance so that you can celebrate and enjoy food without overdoing it or obsessing about it? The trick is the right food in the right proportions, prepared to taste great and satisfy you on every level. Each bite you take should bring you joy, without any feeling of guilt or remorse. Food should also satisfy us, body and mind. It should provide real pleasure and nutrients that keep us fueled and prevent us from that incessant sense of never getting enough to eat. Food is so very fundamental to our lives, loving the food you eat without feeling deprived is the only way to live.We suspected that anyone stuck in a diet rut wasn’t eating food they loved. So we asked SparkPeople members: have you ever eaten foods you don’t like in an effort to lose weight or improve your health? The answers poured in by the thousands, and the consensus was a resounding “Yes”: 68 percent have eaten foods they don’t like to try to shed pounds or get healthy.

Breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting, trusting your taste buds, and starting to take pleasure in healthy eating is possible. To understand how, let’s examine the basics behind the science of satisfaction, starting with the science of hunger.

The Science of Hunger

Hunger describes the escalating, physiological sensations you experience when your body actually needs food: beginning with rumbling, unpleasant stomach contractions (hunger pangs), mild lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and finally faintness, and headaches. For most people who regularly eat a balanced diet with adequate calories, hunger will set in about four hours after the last meal and will escalate after about five hours.

Feelings of fullness or satiety will occur when your stomach reaches a certain level of fullness (about 75 percent of its maximum capacity). These sensations also escalate from mild fullness, to “stuffed,” to bloated and uncomfortable.

Ignoring all other emotional and environmental signals, your brain will tell you when you’ve had enough to eat, though it takes about 20 minutes for the message to travel from your stomach.

That’s what happens in a perfect world.

In reality, we don’t eat because we’re hungry, and we don’t eat foods as Mother Nature intended. We eat away from home, out of boxes, cans and pouches, in front of the TV and in the car. We eat on the run, and we snack instead of eating meals. Our food is oversalted, underspiced, overspiced, watered-down, condensed, dehydrated, rehydrated, hydrogenated, crusted, filled, and stuffed—and so are we.

There’s no balance, and society’s bad eating habits have made “Goldilocks eaters” out of all of us. At restaurants, we’re served oversize portions that are often brimming with salt, sugar, and fat. Food makers tempt us with snacks, desserts, and “diet” foods that fill our bodies with empty calories without filling us up. Between our busy lives and the convenience of these creations, we fall prey to the drive-thru and processed foods.
We leave the table wanting more, never satisfied. Like our flaxen-haired fairy-tale heroine, we’re constantly on the hunt for that proverbial perfect bowl of porridge, for that food that’s “just right.”

It boils down to the fact that we’ve lost our sense of taste, and we’ve forgotten how truly good good food is. Food should nourish and satisfy, comfort and nurture. All hope isn’t lost, and there’s a movement afoot to reclaim food’s rightful place at the center of the family. Food unites us, it excites us, it gives a reason to gather together. SparkPeople members, who have a love for food, who eat at home or as a family whenever possible, who value homemade over processed, are at the center of a healthy-eating revolution.


Award-winning chef Meg Galvin and SparkRecipes editor Stepfanie Romine have paired up to create The SparkPeople Cookbook, a collection of more than 160 all-new satisfying, sustaining, and stress-free recipes that streamline your healthy-eating efforts. With a focus on real food, generous portions, and great flavor, these recipes are not part of a fad diet. They aren’t about obscure ingredients, eliminating key components of a balanced diet, or slaving away at the stove. They are about making smart choices and eating food you love. At SparkPeople.com, Chef Meg develops healthy recipes, tests member-submitted dishes, and teaches the fundamentals of cooking through informative and entertaining videos and articles. A World Master Chef since 2005, Galvin earned a certificate of culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu in London. The SparkPeople Cookbookis set to release on October 4th and is now available for pre-order everywhere books are sold, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or HayHouse.com.

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The Hidden Power of Your Past LivesSandra Anne Taylor
Self-Help Advice
The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives
Have You Lived Before?
by Sandra Anne Taylor
Exploring the past to understand the present… What do you think happens when you die? Do you think your body turns to dust, and the intelligent, creative identity that you were just ceases to be? Or maybe you believe that your soul lives on—only to spend all of eternity in those mysterious places called heaven and hell. Or perhaps there’s another alternative—one that could make a lot of sense!The theory of reincarnation has been written about and explored for millennia and is widely accepted throughout the world—especially in the East, where it’s the basis of many religious beliefs. Yet those of us in the West have come rather late to the discussion. Although many people still tend to dismiss the idea out of hand, the trend is changing, and statistics now show that the concept of reincarnation has taken hold in the imagination of millions of Westerners.If you’ve ever wondered about the possibility that you’ve been here before, take a moment to consider the following questions:

• Have you ever met someone whom you instantly felt you knew?
• Do you have a natural talent for something—perhaps in sports, language, or music—that was amazingly easy to pick up?
• Do you feel more like a parent than a partner to your spouse?
• Does it seem as though you keep running into the same old obstacles—or the same types of people—over and over again?
• Have you ever arrived at a place you’ve never been, yet you felt as though you knew it intimately?
• Have you ever had an immediate and unexplainable aversion to certain foods, places, or people?
• Do you have an addiction to a substance—or even a person—that seems impossible to shake?
• Have you ever felt instantly attracted to someone you just met?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the reasons could be found in past-life experiences. Your sense of familiarity with a new acquaintance or place could be a subtle memory resonating in the recesses of your eternal consciousness. A personal talent may well be the current blossoming of a past-life skill. Deep feelings of irresistible attraction might indicate unbridled passion from a previous existence. And that difficult addiction could be sourced in patterns and problems from long, long ago.

Your soul is eternal. Your spirit doesn’t end; it merely transforms. It longs to experience life, to express itself, and to connect with other souls in the physical realm. Through these experiences, you form attachments. Relationships evolve, and personalities develop patterns of behavior and emotion.

In the never-ending consciousness that is your essence, the experiences from lifetime after lifetime tend to accumulate and create specific directions for your personal path. It becomes immensely helpful, then, to explore the past in order to understand the present and redirect your future. This process of self-discovery is endlessly interesting, and the information that comes up (both logistical and emotional) can be intensely revealing.

When you consider the science of energy and matter, the continuity of life just makes sense. We know that energy doesn’t just cease, and matter consistently transforms. If this is true on a cosmic level, why shouldn’t it be true for our individual identities and lives?

Reincarnation also explains a lot concerning the many unanswered questions we have. For example, it’s difficult to understand why some people seem to suffer more than others. Perhaps it’s not as random as many think—perhaps what we perceive as hardship is merely a return of energy, an opportunity to understand something unlearned in previous lifetimes. To some, unexplained suffering might seem to be the work of a capricious and uncaring God, but when we understand the subtle nuances of karmic energy and soul lessons, things start to become much more clear. And while I don’t believe that difficulty in this life is a form of karmic punishment, I do believe that current problems can refer back to historical issues.

Have you ever wondered why certain life patterns have been so hard to turn around? New York Times best-selling author and psychological counselor Sandra Ann Taylor says the reasons may be encoded in your eternal history—in karmic sources set lifetimes ago. In her new book, The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives, Sandra can help you explore your past lives, find out how physical ailments can originate in unknown past events, learn how to release and rescript your karma, and pave your way to joy and personal power—now and in years to come. Sandra’s new book also includes a FREE CD of self-guided meditations and affirmations! The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is now available everywhere books are sold, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or HayHouse.com.

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Hay House Radio logoCruise Control On DemandKate Trafford
On Demand The Art of Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl Richardson
In appreciation of your continued love and support and for being a part of our Present Moments family of readers, we invite you to listen to this complimentary clip from one of our On Demand downloads from a recent online Web class featuring your favorite Hay House authors.This Month’s Featured On Demand Web Course:The Art of Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl RichardsonBringing Extreme Self-Care into your life takes commitment, support, and practice. During this 12-lesson On Demand Course, Cheryl helps you develop your self-care muscles by giving you a specific way to practice each lesson. Cheryl guides you through 12 empowering lessons that are sure to help you take the steps you need to live a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and rich life.

Click here to listen to this month’s clip from The Art of Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl Richardson Lesson 2: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

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Click here to access the On Demand Web Course.

Click here to access all Special Live Online Events and On Demand downloads now available. You can listen to your favorite authors in these Web classes again and again! New audio downloads and courses become available weekly. Bookmark this page to see what’s new.

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I Can Do It! Pasadena
I Can Do It!—Pasadena
October 14-16, 2011
Now you can join your favorite authors for a weekend retreat in Pasadena!

Join us for a Day or the Entire Weekend! Learn More


Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer in Conversation—Maui
Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer in Conversation—Maui
October 29, 2011
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Mastering the Art of Manifestation and Healing—Boston
Mastering the Art of Manifestation and Healing—Boston
November 6, 2011

Join us for a day with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Caroline Myss. Learn More

I Can Do It!® 2011 Tampa
I Can Do It!—Tampa
November 11-13, 2011
I Can Do It! is sure to energize your mind, body, and spirit—the event has all you would ever want and more! Once you attend your first ICDI conference, it won’t be your last! Learn More…

Psychic Medium Intensive
Psychic Medium Intensive—New York City
November 19-20, 2011
A Weekend Training Workshop for Psychics and Mediums (beginners to advanced) with Psychic Medium Researcher, Bob Olson with a special appearance by Psychic Medium, John Holland Learn More…

Mastering the Art of Manifestation with Dr. Wayne Dyer
Mastering the Art of Manifestation and Healing—Maui
January 28-29, 2012
In Mastering the Art of Manifestation, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores his most astonishing subject yet: the power of attracting your needs and desires into your life. Learn More…

The Shadow Process Retreat—San Diego
The Shadow Process Retreat—San Diego
February 10-12, 2012
Register by December 12th and SAVE $200!
In this exclusive retreat, you will make peace with the whole range of your human emotions. Befriend your grief, your sadness, your loneliness, and your anger. Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy, and success and learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be. Learn More…

The Shadow Process Retreat—San Diego
Caribbean Cruise
February 19-26, 2012
Join Hay House for an extraordinary seven-day Caribbean Cruise with Brian Weiss M.D. and Doreen Virtue. Learn More…

Speak, Write & Promote
Speak, Write & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker—San Diego
June 1-3, 2012

Speak, Write & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker—New York City

November 16-18, 2012
Do you have an important message to share with the world?
Are you ready to take your career to a whole new level by expanding your reach, so you can help thousands of people to improve the quality of their lives?
Do you have a dream to write a book, build a speaking career, appear on TV, or host your own radio show?

Learn More…

The Writer's Workshop
The Writer’s Workshop—Los Angeles
February 25-26, 2012
The Writer’s Workshop—Denver
April 28-29, 2012
The Writer’s Workshop—Asheville, NC
June 9-10, 2012
The Writer’s Workshop—New York City
October 13-14, 2012

This could be YOUR chance to secure a $10,000 advance, publish a book with Hay House and become a New York Times best-selling author! Learn More…

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Just in Print

The Latest Releases from Hay House

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Medidating: Meditations for Fearless Romance
by Gabrielle BernsteinIn this 11-track guided meditation, best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein helps you release romantic illusions, overcome fears and insecurities, activate your attracting power, and manifest love into your life.

Love Your Body

Love Your Body
by Louise L. HayOn this wonderful CD program, Louise L. Hay narrates the positive affirmation treatments from her book of the same name, which are designed to help you manifest a beautiful, healthy, happy body.

To receive the optimal benefit from this audio experience, it’s best to listen to it often-especially if you are challenged by a particular area of your body-and allow the ideas to permeate your consciousness.

Archangels 101

Archangels 101 How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance
by Doreen VirtueLegions of loving and trustworthy archangels watch over you, and you can develop an even closer relationship with them by learning their names and specialties. In this uplifting nondenominational book, Doreen Virtue guides you in connecting with her 15 favorite archangels. You’ll read true stories from people who have received protection, miraculous healings, and amazing guidance from these beloved Heavenly beings.

Success Now! Perpetual Flip Calendar

Success Now! Perpetual Flip Calendar
by Robert Holden, Ph.D.Have you got a vision? Do you enjoy your work? Are your relationships thriving?

From the book Success Intelligence come 366 inspirational insights on how to enjoy real, soulful success while living in a manic, busy, and hyped-up world. Robert Holden is the creator of a Success Intelligence, a unique program focusing on the true meaning of success. Written with humor, warmth, and clarity, this flip calendar, which can be used year after year, is an invaluable reminder for how to live joyfully in our hectic world where people are often too busy chasing success to be truly happy.

The Storm Before the Calm

The Storm Before the Calm Book 1 in the Conversations with Humanity Series
by Neale Donald WalschIn his prescient new book The Storm Before The Calm, seven-time New York Times best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch says there is nothing to fear, advancing an extraordinary explanation for what is happening even now all over the planet. Then-and more important-he provides a stunning prescription for healing our lives and our world through the answering of seven simple questions, inviting people everywhere to join in an earth-saving exchange at TheGlobalConversation.com. Compelling and perfectly timed, The Storm Before The Calm answers every question that is worth asking about December, 2012 and beyond. The Storm Before the Calm is now available everywhere books are sold, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or HayHouse.com.

Just An Ounce of Prevention...Is Worth a Pound or Cure

Just An Ounce of Prevention…Is Worth a Pound of Cure
by Dr. James D’AdamoJust an Ounce of Prevention…is the consummate statement on natural healing from this generation’s most original naturopath.

As Dr. D’Adamo writes: “We are all here for a purpose, and we can only aspire to our physical and spiritual fulfillment when the body is healthy and the mind clear. Blood types are a Truth of nature and, if followed, will provide the physical and spiritual health that nature has intended for us.”

Deep Truth

Deep Truth
8-CD Set
by Gregg BradenBest-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden suggests that the hottest issues that divide us as families, nations, and civilizations-seemingly separate concerns such as war, terror, abortion, suicide, genocide, the death penalty, poverty, economic collapse, and nuclear war-are actually related. They all stem from the false assumptions of an outdated science, assumptions that have brought us to the brink of disaster and the loss of all that we cherish as a civilization.

Constant Craving

Constant Craving What Your Food Cravings Mean and How to Overcome Them
by Doreen VirtueDo you crave chocolate, bread, cheese, fries, or other foods? If so, there’s a reason why, as Doreen Virtue’s breakthrough book explains. Each food craving actually corresponds to a specific underlying emotion; so once you understand the meaning behind your particular craving and apply the information and affirmations within these pages, you’ll be able to heal your cycle of emotional overeating.

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You Can Create an Exceptional Life

You Can Create an Exceptional Life 3-Lesson Online Series with Louise Hay & Cheryl RichardsonAll 3 Lessons are only $39.95 through September 29!
(Price increases to $59.95 after 9/29/2011)

Join Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson as they share their expert insight into how YOU can create an exceptional life!

There is a Universal energy that creates us; sustains us; connects us to one another; and works in cooperation with our thoughts, words, and actions to generate our life experiences.

When you recognize and learn to work in partnership with this benevolent power, you become the master of your own destiny. Click here to view complete details.

Coaching® Oracle Card Reader

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader:
An Online Professional Certification Course with Denise Linn
Become an oracle card reader! This online certification course gives you the tools that you need to become a clear channel for readings.

In this transformational online certification course, acclaimed healer, author, and teacher Denise Linn, creator of the Soul Coaching Oracle Card Deck, shares her wealth of expertise on tapping into your inner wisdom so you can activate your intuition and gain the inner tools that you need to start your practice as a professional oracle card reader. Click here to view complete details.

Cracking Your Karma Code: Quantum Life Coaching Online Certification, Level 2 with Sandra Anne Taylor

Cracking Your Karma Code: Quantum Life Coaching Online Certification, Level 2 with Sandra Anne TaylorAll 4 Lessons are only $89 through October 10, 2011!
(Price increases to $116 after 10/10/2011)

In this information-packed live online certification course, Sandra Anne Taylor, New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned consciousness creation expert, reveals the power of your encoded consciousness. You may be surprised at what vital information from your past is still significantly influencing your present reality! Click here to view complete details.

Every live participant will receive a free download of a relationship regression and relationship re-scripting process and will be entered into a drawing for free book bundles and a free reading.

Adventure: Renewable Energy to Power Up Your Life
with Matt Walker

Adventure: Renewable Energy to Power Up Your Life with Matt Walker

Click Here to Register—Only $9.95!
In this online seminar with psychologist, transformational coach, and author Matt Walker you’ll gain insight and actionable directives on how the 5 Elements of Adventure can support and inspire your personal and professional development. Along the way you’ll learn how to utilize adventure as an unending reservoir of energy to support your physical health, emotional well-being, professional goals, spiritual intentions, and most importantly relationships.

In addition to the discussion and exercises presented during this seminar with Matt, you will also receive a free copy of the Adventure in Everything Workbook and have access to follow-up exercises and tips to support your continued success! Click here to view complete details.

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Linda Leaming
Smiles Required

The Funny Factor: Laughter Is Good for the Soul

An Affirmation for Yoga Class:
Blessed are the flexible: For they shalt not be bent out of shape.A Sign in the Yoga Master’s Window Who Was Hiring More Help:
Inquire within!What the Yogi Prefers for His Birthday:
I wish no gifts, only presence.
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Special Announcemnents

Happy 85th Birthday, Louise Hay!

Happy 85th Birthday, Louise Hay!
Happy 85th Birthday, Louise Hay!

There are few people we meet in our lifetimes who fill us instantly with an abundance of energy and love with their presence and effervescent spirit, and who seem to make time stand still. Louise Hay is one of those rare people. She challenged a negative world to change its way of thinking. She taught us how to look within and heal ourselves. She self-published her groundbreaking words in her first book, Heal Your Body, which launched the self-help industry. She opened doors for women in the publishing business and the inspirational speaking circuit. She broke barriers reaching out to men and women afflicted with AIDS when much of the world left them behind. And when any of us lost our way in the darkness of despair, Louise lit our path with affirmations of hope.Louise Hay has touched so many lives in the last eight decades; it isn’t any wonder than millions of people around the world celebrate Louise’s lifetime of love. Please join us in sending a big birthday hug to our founder—the amazing, empowering, loving, inspiring, courageous, beautiful Louise Hay! We love you, Louise!Louise’s 85th birthday is on October 8th. However, we will be celebrating all month long with contests, prizes, video tributes, heartwarming stories, affirmations and more. Visit HealYourLife.com and the HealYourLife Facebook page and join the fun!

Spiritual Cinema Circle
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A Free Recipe from Chef Meg

Enjoy this Free Recipe from Chef Meg’s The SparkPeople Diet

Spinach Salad with Cherries and Pomegranate Vinaigrette
If ever there was proof that salads don’t have to be boring to be healthy, this is it. A luxurious combination of bright, bitter spinach is paired with sweet dried cherries and tangy goat cheese for maximum flavor satisfaction—and topped with a bit of almond crunch. Our pomegranate vinaigrette is loaded with flavor and antioxidants.
Makes 4 Servings: 1 cup per serving
20 Minutes to Prepare and Cook, with optional, additional 10 minutes to soak onions

For the Dressing:
2 tbsp bottled or fresh pomegranate juice
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp honey
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp black pepper

For the Salad:
8 cups fresh spinach, cleaned and stems removed
1/2 cup red onion, sliced thin (see Note)
1/3 cup dried cherries
2 ounces goat cheese, crumbled
1/4 cup slivered almonds, toasted

1. Make the Dressing: Prepare the vinaigrette by placing the pomegranate juice, vinegar, and honey in a blender. Slowly drizzle in the oil while the blender is running to emulsify. Add the pepper.

2. Make the Salad: In a large bowl, toss together the spinach, onion, and dried cherries. Add the dressing and toss to coat. Divide the salad evenly onto 4 plates and garnish with the toasted almonds and goat cheese.

Note: To tame the bite of the red onions, soak them in ice water for 10 minutes.

Per serving: 198.8 calories, 13 g total fat, 6.5 mg cholesterol, 105.1 mg sodium, 16.5 g total carbs, 2.8 g dietary fiber, 6 g protein

Slim It Down: Ditch the goat cheese (40 calories, 3 g fat).

NEW Hay House Book Club

Join our NEW Hay House Book Club!

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all. – Oscar Wilde


Attention all avid readers and book lovers! Read along with us in our new Hay House Online Book Club! Each month, we’ll delve into a new Hay House book and we invite you to join in the conversation during a live online book club show on HayHouseRadio.com. Together, we’ll share our insights on each book and talk about how the ideas can be applied to our everyday lives.

Special thanks to Hay House author Robert Holden and all of you who participated in our book club show last month on Shift Happens. The next Hay House Book Club show will air on Friday Oct. 21st at 11am PT. We will be talking LIVE with two of the most empowered women on the planet—Hay House founder Louise Hay and New-York Times best-selling author and life coach Cheryl Richardson—about their new book You Can Create an Exceptional Life.Would you like to participate in our next book club gathering?Click here and join us. We’ll bring food for your soul!

Check HayHouseRadio.com’s Facebook page for the latest updates or to submit questions for discussion for our next show.

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Louise Hay
A Special Message from Louise Hay

Your Future Is Always Bright at Any Age

I’m going to be 85 next week. I choose to see my life moving in different directions, all of them equally good. Some things are even better now than the way they were in my youth. My younger years were filled with fear; my todays are filled with confidence.My own life really didn’t begin to have meaning until I was in my mid-40s. At the age of 50, I began my publishing company on a very small scale. The first year I made a profit of $42. At 55, I ventured into the world of computers. They scared me, but I took classes and overcame the fear. Today I have three computers and travel with my iPad everywhere! At 60, I had my first garden. At this same time, I enrolled in a children’s art class and began to paint. At 70 and 80, I was more creative and my life continues to get richer and fuller.I still write, I lecture, I teach through my actions. I am constantly reading and studying. I own a very successful publishing company and have two non-profits. I’m a dedicated organic gardener. I grow most of my own food. I love people and parties. I have many loving friends. I travel extensively. I also am still painting and taking classes. My life has really become a treasure chest of experiences.I want to help you create a conscious idea of your later years, to help you realize that these can be the most rewarding years of your life. Know that your future is always bright, now matter what your age. See your later years becoming your treasure years.

Instead of just getting old and giving up and dying, let’s learn to make a huge contribution to life. We have the time, we have the knowledge, and we have the wisdom to move out into the world with love and power.

Step forward, use your voice, get out in the world, and LIVE!

Let’s affirm:

I rejoice in each passing year of my life.
Louise Hay

For more about Louise’s latest adventures, read her blog here.

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Message from the Editor Hair-Raising Halloween Gifts for New Agers
10 Spine-Tinglers from Hay House
It’s hard not to love Halloween. It’s the time when you can play pranks on your friends, keep your house dusty with cobwebs, eat candy without guilt, dress up in funny costumes, talk about ghosts without being committed, and invite people to your house who only stay a few minutes for a small treat!Tradition has it that Halloween was first recognized by the Celts who believed that when their harvest ended on October 31st, the boundary or “veil” between the worlds is dissolved—leaving the doorway open for all entities of another dimension to emerge.To celebrate the Halloween season, come along with me beyond the warehouse, beneath the stairs, below the basement—deep into our archives for a glimpse at our Top 10 Most Frightfully Fascinating, Chillingly Compelling and Hauntingly Hair-Raising Halloween Gifts for the New Age fan—if you dare!1. Lion Eyes by Victor Villaseñor
Lions and totems and stares, oh my! Take a magical journey into this thrilling tale filled with danger, romance, and healing miracles as one man discovers his life purpose through the mesmerizing eyes of a mystical mountain lion. Even amidst chaos, you may still find your way home.

2. The Secret Behind “The Secret by Esther and Jerry Hicks
If you’re skeptical about entities who can communicate from the Other Side, you’ll change your mind after you see this riveting DVD! Witness how the Non-Physical teachers known as Abraham are channeled before your eyes to bring messages on how to connect to your Divine Source. These sharp-talking educators from beyond will win you over!

3. Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms by David Kessler
Ever wonder what you will see when you die or who may come to meet you during your finals days? This mesmerizing book offers real accounts about deathbed visions and near-death experiences by doctors, hospice nurses and other medical professionals. A real page-turner!

4. Spellbinding by Claudia Blaxell
Want to cast a spell to speed up a job promotion, make your lover call you, unearth a windfall of money, or bewitch someone you have a crush on? Try a little magic to empower your life in this little paperback.

5. The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor
Have you ever arrived at a place you’ve never been, yet you felt as though you knew it intimately? Do you have a natural talent for something—perhaps in sports, language, or music—that was amazingly easy to pick up? Have you ever felt instantly attracted to someone you just met? Find the answer in the path of your prior lifetimes. Have you been here before? This book will make a believer out of you!

6. Saved by an Angel by Doreen Virtue
What do the angels really look like? Are they sending you messages? This amazing book is filled with true accounts of people who have had encounters with many of the angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones and heavenly beings who are vying for our attention. Get to know these divine visitors by name and get step-by-step instructions to help you see, hear and feel the angels hanging out around you!

7. Animals and the Afterlife by Kim Sheridan
Is that the purring of your beloved cat you hear in the middle of the night—even if she’s been gone for many years now? Here you’ll find true stories of everyday people around the world that will erase any doubt you may have about an afterlife for animals. Whether you have dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters or horses, your connection with your beloved animals will remain steadfast in this dimension and the next. A must-read for all animal devotees!

8. The Map by Colette Baron-Reid
Wrestling with too many Goblins? Meet the Wizard of Awareness, the Gentle Gardener, the Bone Collector, and the Spirits on your psychological terrain who hold the keys to the wisdom hidden in your subconscious. The Map is your “magic wand” to wave away your obstacles and help navigate your way back to an authentic life.

9. An Autobiography of George Washington by Caroline Myss
What’s so special about an autobiography on America’s first president? Only that George Washington dictated it after he was deceased! One evening in 1955, the President came back from the Other Side and appeared to a scribe. He then asked her to serve as a channel so he could tell the real story about his life. This magnetic material—including President Washington’s views on current events—will hold you captive!

10. The Shadow Effect
by Debbie Ford
If you’re still wearing a disguise long after October 31st, then you need to watch this movie! Find out why you choose to put on these false faces—consciously and unconsciously—and why you choose to hide in the shadow of your fears. This raw and revealing film reminds us that gifts await you where you least expect them…in the dark.

Enjoy these fearsome recommendations and have a spine-tingling and spiritual Halloween!

Donna Abate
E-letter Editor

Thank you for being here and for being YOU! Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Please e-mail your feedback to [email protected].

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