“OMGoddess I am SO. EXCITED!!!!”, Brenda MacIntyre

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Brenda MacIntyre says: “OMGoddess I am SO. EXCITED!!!!”

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Just sat with my accountant and went over some figures and… my NET INCOME has increased by 555% in the last 5 years – purely from being fully 100% self-employed!!! 555 = major life change, according to Doreen Virtue, and that is no surprise to me. Something big for me is coming in the next few months and I and others have been sensing that. So awesome to see that confirmation in my money numbers!! Big huge GRATITUDE and LOVE for my accountant/financial advisor, all my mentors, friends, supporters, clients and collaborators along the way, and BIG LOVE and GRATITUDE to my haters, abusers, “family” and “friends” who undermined, hurt, publicly badmouthed or used me… because they inspired my inner rebel and VPS – Voice, Power and Spirit – to fully come out in the best ways possible and create the most amazing ME I am today.

… and just to put this into context for some of you who don’t know me that well, I was on welfare for many years, barely scraping by as a single mom, both my parents died when I was a teen so I had no financial support there. AND I did most of this WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD or any savings since I destroyed my credit rating with credit cards and student loans back in the 90’s when I had a poor relationship with money. And even now, especially now, I am NOT all about the money. What this is, is a beautiful relationship with money, and the knowledge that money is sacred, comes from Mother Earth, and truly is currency just like any other form of energy.

What it IS all about is my PASSION for helping women find their VOICE.

That’s what’s actually driven me to do what I do, to be who I am, and to live into and EXPRESS 500% ME in all areas of my life and business.

And that is what I love doing the most.

The shift in my money has come about as a result of HARD WORK, TAKING CONSISTENT INSPIRED ACTION, business strategies, having my own signature system that came directly from Spirit, DEEP SPIRITUAL CONNECTION and GROUNDEDNESS, big intelligent risk, willingness to invest with discernment in what I FEEL in my whole body and intuition is right for me, moving forward even in the face of my fears and doubts, and always feeding my self-confidence and self-love.


I’m also known as the Success Shaman. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

There is no mistake that your spirit has led you here just now.

You have a purpose. And you deserve to fulfill that deeper calling you’ve been feeling.

Did you know that your success is fuel for the transformation of humanity and Mother Earth?

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A little secret…

I get messages from Mother Earth – that’s why I stand firmly in the knowing that your success is crucial to the healing of the planet.

Wow, I feel like I just said “I see dead people”. Well, that’s also true sometimes, but what I wanted to share with you here is that hey, I’ve always been “the weird one” in the family… and now, instead of trying to fit in and hide my “weirdness” (Read: spiritual gifts), I have stepped into it and I am fulfilling my purpose and living my dream.

I grew up extremely shy, with very little self-confidence, knowing I was very different than everyone around me.

At the age of 11, I knew I would be a singer, and for over 27 years, I have been an internationally renowned artist. My first Top 40 radio airtime was in Miami in 1986. I had a blast in the music industry, performing across North America and getting national TV and radio appearances… but behind the scenes, I was an abused single mom barely getting by.

Then I had an unbelievable healing experience, and I began to understand what all this singing was really about.

My whole life has been about finding my voice so that I could bring out my power and fulfill my purpose. Now I specialize in helping spiritually gifted women entrepreneurs, healers, shamans and coaches to birth the fullest expression of themselves, their power, their gifts and their voice through their business.

The results?


That’s why I’d like to gift you with a FREE Medicine Bundle for Your Business to help you along with your success and prosperity.

Here’s that link again, to receive your mp3 download, journalling activity, powerful hands-on exercise, video and instructions on how to create a real Medicine Bundle for Your Business.


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