A `Knowing Woman` Nurturing the Feminine Soul, Jo Garceau ~ WOMEN in RECOVERY

A Celebration of Women urges You as a Woman, to Follow Your Heart ... know Your Purpose in Life. Psychology of Women Depth psychology, introduced by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, pioneered the idea of unconscious aspects of human consciousness. In this model, much of human thought and action is culturally and/or personally repressed because it is deemed unacceptable. Since the culture historically placed women in a secondary … [Read more...]

VERONICA ~ The Way To The Life You Desire!

The Way To The Life You Desire "Awake each day with thankfulness for being in the physical. It is often wrought with challenges, but the rewards outweigh those challenges significantly. When seeking balance one often ignores the little day to day significant gifts that are bestowed upon us from spiritual realms. Paying attention to those moments are what drives the physical experience. It is important to be of gratitude for the opportunities that your energy is creating. Begin … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Spiritual Messages ‘ Decide to Get Unstuck ‘

Decide to Get Unstuck LEARNING TO BE HUMAN "Being in the physical realm is often a great challenge. Some souls find it difficult to maneuver through the thickness of the environment. This can leave some feeling as if they are knee deep in mud with no way to turn. It is during these times that one must be aware of the bigger picture. An attempt to realign with what the soul energy intentions are, is a prudent choice at this time. It is important to separate from the chaotic … [Read more...]

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