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The Way To The Life You Desire

“Awake each day with thankfulness for being in the physical. It is often wrought with challenges, but the rewards outweigh those challenges significantly.

When seeking balance one often ignores the little day to day significant gifts that are bestowed upon us from spiritual realms. Paying attention to those moments are what drives the physical experience. It is important to be of gratitude for the opportunities that your energy is creating.

Begin your day aware of these opportunities. Decide to be of gratitude for their appearance in your life.

By being of positive perspective, these moments may create more abundance until the day is quite overwhelming with its positive energy.

You can create a solid experience full of joy if you are willing to be thankful for the smaller things.

Be of cheer that all small moments have the probability of growing into larger one.

Dig deep into your life to find those moments of gratitude. Do not expect immediate changes to your process. If you are in a negative moment, it took you a while to get there. It will take a moment to change directions.

Dwelling in the negative will only create more.

Decide to be thankful for what you have. It will lead you down the path of clarity. It is possible.

Be full of gratitude.

It is the way to the life you desire.”



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*5.0 out of 5 stars There really are no accidents…, October 23, 2011
By Mary L. Foerster (Hillsboro, Oregon)
This review is from: In The AfterLife: A Chronicle Of Our Experiences On The Other Side by April Crawford.

I am “Grateful’s” sister who lost my best friend of 35yrs. My sister sent me this book hoping it would ease some of the pain & uncertainty I was experiencing. I had been my best friend’s full-time caregiver in the last months of her battle with liver cancer, and she (Linda)was very uncertain of her own beliefs of what the afterlife would hold for her.

Although her body had been so riddled with the cancer & was definitely ready to go, her mind & spirit would not let go yet. It was devastating to watch her endure so much pain, and watch her physical beauty disappear before our eyes. When the day finally came in which she was at peace in her mind to leave her physical body, she went very fast. When we both realized she was slipping away, we were both very frightened at the swiftness of the event. I held her, stroked her head, assured her it was time to go & that it was ok to go. But I didn’t really know if that was accurate, because what did I kno w? I had never heard of April Crawford or of her gift.

I believed, and wanted to know more of the afterlife, but just didn’t know where to look. Then, right on the heals of losing Linda, my beloved dog Sheba, 13yrs old, was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and this was also a terrible experience which came & went so quickly. I had to let her go, she was in so much pain & couldn’t eat or drink anymore. I felt as if my world had ended, I was in so much grief, so lost….then this book arrived from my sister. I feel as if I have a new lease on a hopeful, fulfilling future, and am slowly taking my life back into my own hands. I have no worries anymore about my loved ones, I am assured they are surrounded by the greatest love one could ever know, and that we will know each other again. I still miss them terribly, but am no longer uncertain of their ‘place’. I feel their energy, and do my best to honor their memories.

This book came into my hands just at the precise moment I needed it, and as ‘Veronica’ puts it, “there are no accidents”. Thank you April and thank you to ‘Veronica'(all of you), you are truly a gift.

258 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9823269-9-2
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