VERONICA – Spiritual Messages ‘ Decide to Get Unstuck ‘

Decide to Get Unstuck


“Being in the physical realm is often a great challenge. Some souls find it difficult to maneuver through the thickness of the environment. This can leave some feeling as if they are knee deep in mud with no way to turn.

It is during these times that one must be aware of the bigger picture. An attempt to realign with what the soul energy intentions are, is a prudent choice at this time. It is important to separate from the chaotic moment of the linear whenever possible. Decide to be with yourself without all the input from the outside.

Be who you are internally. Stay there as often as possible. Allow that energy an opportunity to participate.

The soul chooses to be physical but often the intensiveness of that experience is overlooked. It’s always a more vivid experience than anticipated. The opportunity for great evolvement is immense, however, often difficult to walk through.

Stay focused in the bigger picture.

Have the physical experience but attempt to process it from an eternal perspective. It is often easier, and more productive. You created this experience. The ability to live it is in your hands. Decide to get unstuck. You are capable. Keep your energy open to all the probabilities from the larger viewpoint.”

If you are wondering, individuals have personal telephone conversations with VERONICA from most countries in the world. The countries that have the most conversations with VERONICA in order are: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, PLUS, all others …


“Dear April, Veronica and Allan!

From the depths of my being I wish to take this opportunity and thank you for allowing Veronica to speak to me through you.

Words cannot describe how much I felt loved and supported during our
conversation. The words I heard brought me so much peace and relief and confirmed to me my belief that we are never alone. I was so overwhelmed with joy afterwards that I cried.


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