Just BE!

Just BE! Be fierce. Be vibrant. Be energized. Get outside. Take a break now and then. Have fun. Run. Be accountable. Visualize. Take a new path. Dare to be different. Sport a new color. Stand up for what you believe. Be LOVE! Be honest. Be a volunteer. Clean out your closet. Hit the gym. Get motivated. Acknowledge others. Be relaxed. Be your own happy pill. Get invigorated. Be who you really are. Be your authentic self. Be enough. Get out and discover. BE with your partner. Get pumped. … [Read more...]

Confucianism and WOMEN

LEARNING TO BE HUMAN  Tu Wei-ming, “A Confucian Perspective on Learning to be Human”   Confucian Thought: Selfhood as Creative Transformation (Albany: 1985), 51-66 The Confucian commitment to the human community is firm and comprehensive. This commitment means that the whole Confucian enterprise begins with the person living here and now. It also means that the person in ordinary daily existence is the basis for the full realization of humanity. The Confucian insistence that … [Read more...]


FOR OUR AWAKENING   THE GOLDEN FLOWER SACRED BREATH WORKSHOP Friday, January 18th at the Sohmar Massage School, 7:00 PM [ Reservations required ]     CIRCLE OF LIGHT CLASSES now offered through an email attachment for those of you who cannot join us. Last Sunday's class, "Know Thyself", can be ordered for only a $9 donation on the Home page of my Website. CIRCLE OF LIGHT February 3rd class, Sunday, 1:00 PM in La Grange. [Subject to be later announced.] Details: … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – Women according to Einstein

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Angels are ‘everywhere’ for some, ‘nowhere’ for others ?

We all experience our spiritual development in our own unique way. For some of us the changes occur slowly; for others a series of events can trigger sudden growth. We do not all share the same symptoms or changes. And certainly we hold our individual spiritual beliefs. We are as different as snowflakes, yet we share a common essence and general shape. Some of this information may resonate for you. Other concepts may not be comfortable for you. Each of us must examine new information and discern … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – ‘BEING’ in the Moment expands Your ‘BEING.’

“Listen like you will never be hurt” – without fear, in the present. It means letting go of the memories of past hurts, and of not worrying about whether the love will last – just enjoying it for the moment. Ask yourself: “How would I listen, if I was guaranteed not get hurt”? Would I listen with trust, with faith, with joy, with harmony? 'BEING' in the Moment ... expands Your 'BEING.'   It's easy to get busy in life trying to do everything at once. You … [Read more...]


One WoMan's Dream We are Spirits in a Body; not a Body with a Spirit... Enjoy this Journey track called "Sanctuary", by Secret Garden. All photography © W. Haraldsen, used with permission. Video Online Only … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – Are You to BE the Change You Want to See?

CLICK HERE, to purchase canvas. … [Read more...]


EGYPTIAN SACRED BREATH WORKSHOP Location: Sohmar Holistic Massage and Reflexology, 313 Odgen Ave Downers Grove 3RD FLR. AUGUST 19TH ARRIVE BETWEEN 6:30 AND 7:OO DOORS LOCK $55 My telephone: 630-202-3818   EMERALD TABLETS OF THOTH Continue ... "They consist of twelve tablets of emerald green, formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation. They are imperishable, resistant to all elements and substances. In effect, the atomic and … [Read more...]

QUOTE ACTION of the Day – Siohban Wilcox

  Your "QuoteAction"of the day: "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." Physicist, Albert Einstein   Your Action for Today is ... 'to set aside five minutes to daydream and use your imagination.'     Have an Extraordinary Day!    Be the Change... that you want to see!     Wishing you Love, Light and Peace in your day. Siobhan Wilcox   Siobhan Wilcox 3435 Camino Del Rio Sth, Suite 310 San Diego, CA … [Read more...]

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