VERONICA – Appreciation

Appreciation   "In the physical much attention especially in your culture is given to negative actions. The emphasis in its intention to create awareness, often results in creating more of the same. If you believe in the concept of thought creates reality, then it is important to regard yours as a canvas of your creation. Knee deep in the muck and mire of a negative reality does make it complicated. Be focused on finding the good actions of others and demonstrate your ability to … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – ‘BEING’ in the Moment expands Your ‘BEING.’

“Listen like you will never be hurt” – without fear, in the present. It means letting go of the memories of past hurts, and of not worrying about whether the love will last – just enjoying it for the moment. Ask yourself: “How would I listen, if I was guaranteed not get hurt”? Would I listen with trust, with faith, with joy, with harmony? 'BEING' in the Moment ... expands Your 'BEING.'   It's easy to get busy in life trying to do everything at once. You … [Read more...]

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