IS AYI JIHU’S FEARCHASER™ FILM THE NEXT BIG THING? Ever since Fearchaser hit the scene in 2009/2010 it sparked a lot of interest worldwide. So much so it was turned into an online game on Adventure Quest Worlds http://www.AQW.com and 25 million out of 100 million subcribers worldwide played and enjoyed the game. The idea of a superhero who can see and fight your fears is unique indeed and seems to have captured the imagination of many around the world. Now it has spawned into a full … [Read more...]


Chinese Star Ayi Jihu continues to etch her mark on history by being the first Chinese artist to be invited to present an award at the NAMA Awards (Native American Music Awards) at Seneca Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls on May 10th 2013. The Native American Music Awards represents the Native American Community and their music which prides itself on it’s traditions and cultures and keeping them intact. Ayi Jihu will accompany Top Native American Haida Singer Terri Lynn who is herself up … [Read more...]

AYI JIHU – WOMAN of ACTION™ at the ‘IF ONLY’ Film Premiere at Bafta

In our last article we brought you the news that Ayi Jihu would be attending the Premiere screening of Fredi Kruga Film ‘If Only’. Ayi Jihu is a supporter of C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models in Media Enterprise). Last night we were able to join Ayi Jihu at the Screening of ‘If Only’ (our review will follow this article) and report on the events of the night. As we walked into 195 Piccadilly the first thing we noticed was the turn out. Hundreds of people where here to watch the … [Read more...]

Ayi Jihu Joins up with Ryan Jenkins Choreographer

‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Ryan Jenkins joins up with Ayi Jihu     Ayi Jihu - WOMAN of ACTION™ here at A Celebration of Women™,  is known for many things, however, what she has at her core is dancing. If you one goes back to her village in Leibo China and mentions her name, all will refer to the “little girl who was always dancing and singing.” In fact, she has been dancing ever since she could walk and whenever she dances people pay attention. Ayi Jihu is about to … [Read more...]

Ayi Jihu: East meets Far East, new world musical order with Aron B

Global News Inc. had exclusive access to the filming of the brand new Aron B video co-starring Chinese star Ayi Jihu. Watching the action behind the scenes of this ambitious music video it became clear that the dynamics of the world music scene are drastically changing and at the forefront of the revolution are artists like Aron B and Ayi Jihu. Initially, what one may see is a straightforward music video featuring collaboration between two young stars; nothing more, nothing less. However, … [Read more...]

A Celebration of Women: Q1 EVENTS

A Celebration of Women is elated to announce that we have surpassed 1,000,000 readers, and we've ONLY JUST BEGUN !!! Investing in the Power of Women - Goldman Sachs "Investing in women is one of the most effective ways to reduce inequality and facilitate inclusive economic growth. Research conducted by Goldman Sachs over several years has shown that investing in education for women has a significant multiplier effect, leading to more productive workers, healthier and better-educated … [Read more...]

AYI JIHU – Bringing back the glory days of Hollywood

– Bringing back the glory days of Hollywood – Ayi Jihu at the Fox Cineplex in Banning, California, USA The glory days of the Movie House are probably long gone. Now where there where once palaces and ornate buildings, Chrome and carpet rules. So it’s nice to find a Movie House that is built in the old ways, and approaches the whole cinematic experience in the way movies where meant to be seen. The Fox Cineplex in Banning, California, USA is one such place. It has stood in the … [Read more...]

Ayi Jihu inspiring to achieve at Raymond Cree Middle school in Palm Springs

Ayi Jihu inspiring to achieve at Raymond Cree Middle school in Palm Springs Watching hundreds of kids enthralled, listening to the experience of a young Chinese girl who fought against all the odds to become a star was truly something to behold. Having seen and reported on Ayi Jihu’sCanadian experience with kids in schools I like many others wondered just how the American youngsters would handle her. What we all discovered is that where ever she goes and whoever she speaks to the … [Read more...]

AYI JIHU taking action on BReal TV, Los Angeles …

  In a small studio come Art Gallery on Venice Blvd in LA, Chinese star Ayi Jihu met with host O Brown and company from BReal TV for an interview about her music and work. Breal.TV is your home for LIVE streaming interactive broadcasts with an array of popular shows covering the world of Hip-Hop, Sports, Entertainment and more.   Ayi spoke about her work with Music from a Bottle a Charity that recycles bottles to provide instruments for kids in school. Music from a Bottle … [Read more...]

AYI JIHU is to represent Minorities all over the world …

It is truly a humbling experience to work around Ayi Jihu, covering her work and reporting back to the world. One is aware that they are seeing something special at work, something unique and something that can ultimately change the way we look at each other. Watching Ayi Jihu somehow reminds me of the great Shaka Zulu who gathered the Disparate Zulu Tribes together into one awesome fighting force and whipped the British good and proper in a way that had never been done before. Without the … [Read more...]

Ayi Jihu – Chinese TV, French Cuisine, beautiful women, a frosty day in Toronto

  On a cold and frosty December day in Toronto Canada at a beautiful French restaurant called LaMaquette that seems to fuse burlesque with the south of France, Ayi Jihu met with Serena Wang from New Tang Dynasty Television in Toronto Canada for a short interview about her goodwill tour of Toronto Canada as an Ambassador for A Celebration of Women Foundation inc. What started out as a short interview about Ayi’s trip and activities in Canada turned out to be a two hour … [Read more...]

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