AYI JIHU taking action on BReal TV, Los Angeles …


In a small studio come Art Gallery on Venice Blvd in LA, Chinese star Ayi Jihu met with host O Brown and company from BReal TV for an interview about her music and work. Breal.TV is your home for LIVE streaming interactive broadcasts with an array of popular shows covering the world of Hip-Hop, Sports, Entertainment and more.


Ayi spoke about her work with Music from a Bottle a Charity that recycles bottles to provide instruments for kids in school. Music from a Bottle is a new initiative that is gathering momentum and Ayi Jihu loves the project and is supporting their efforts. Abdu Brown CEO of Music From a Bottle was present at the interview.

A great night of interview with host Obrown at B-Real TV from Cypress Hill, it’s an online streaming tv station, they had technical problems for over an hour, but hard work pays off eventually it’s sorted! and what a great interview.

Ayi Jihu also spoke about her work for A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc and her recent trip to Toronto, Canada for the Foundation.

The Breal TV show is hosted by O Brown. BReal is was part of Cyprus Hill.

Ayi drove from Los Arboles in Palm springs to conduct the interview which was held just before midnight and went out live to tens of thousands of viewers on the internet. Ayi was accompanied by her North American Manager James Womack and CEO of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd Stevie Eagle E, as well as Linda Pratt.

Born in Leibo, Sichuan, China Chinese star Ayi Jihu spent her childhood like any other Chinese youngster. She went to Primary school in her village of Leibo between the years of 1989 to 1996. It was obvious to all you speak to who knew her then that Ayi Jihu was meant to be a a star. She always lead at school plays and dances and was often asked to organize even choreograph these events. By the time Ayi Jihu was discovered by Stevie Eagle E from Shlepp Records, she was already a local legend. It was purely by luck that she was invited to dance on a music video that Shlepp Records were producing and although she was just one of many dancers there, she stood out so much that she was made lead in the video and an extra day of shooting was scheduled just to accommodate her. The rest is history. She was signed within several weeks by Stevie Eagle E to Shlepp Records . Ayi Jihu has not looked back from there.

The rise and rise of Ayi Jihu has been astounding, breath-taking. From her humble beginnings and in the space of just 3 years Ayi Jihu has become China’s no.1 R&B International Artist loved all over the world with millions of mobile downloads in China. She is Cultural Ambassador to Global Flying Hospitals, Goodwill Ambassador for FAAVM (Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities) Special Envoy for Sun-Earth-Energy, and Emissary of Peace for AP4p (A partnership 4 Peace) . No other Chinese artist has ever done this before especially when you consider that Ayi Jihu has not had a hit record yet, such is her global appeal and power. She has not stopped there. She is Brand Ambassador for Vivi Cosmetics international, Elan-Vital Anti-aging products USA, So-Yang Cognac France and much more. Now with her first Album Try Me recorded she is about to release her first debut uk single ‘Sad Sweet Dreamer’ in the UK on Sept 27th 2010.

For more information on Ayi Jihu visit her website www.ayijihu.com

Watch BReal TV here.

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