IS AYI JIHU’S FEARCHASER™ FILM THE NEXT BIG THING? Ever since Fearchaser hit the scene in 2009/2010 it sparked a lot of interest worldwide. So much so it was turned into an online game on Adventure Quest Worlds http://www.AQW.com and 25 million out of 100 million subcribers worldwide played and enjoyed the game. The idea of a superhero who can see and fight your fears is unique indeed and seems to have captured the imagination of many around the world. Now it has spawned into a full … [Read more...]

Angela DeMontigny celebrates Design Studio Grand Opening – June 23, 2012

Angela DeMontigny celebrates Design Studio Grand Opening Saturday, June 23, 2012. 10:00am until 6:00pm. 701 TRINITY ROAD S., UNIT #3, ANCASTER, ONT. L0R 1R0 An Open House to celebrate the Opening of the Design Studio, National Aboriginal Day and the Summer Solstice. Special Guests, refreshments and fun! REGISTER HERE … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION – Angela DeMontigny featured at Gala – MAY 26

  I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT I WILL BE THE 'FEATURED' DESIGNER DURING THIS YEAR'S AGH ANNUAL GALA... Hope to see you there! Angela For more information, please call 905 527 - 6610 ext. 248. … [Read more...]

New Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser emblem revealed for 2012

New Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser emblem revealed for 2012 Chinese star Ayi Jihu and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd. released the first pictures of the new Fear Chaser emblem exclusively to GNI on Easter Sunday. Ayi Jihu’s Fear Chaser is getting a serious makeover ahead of the Short Movie going into production early summer 2012. We have also now been informed that the Fear Chaser short movie, working title; Birth of Fear Chaser may well be in 4k 3D!  Ayi Jihu has been working closely with … [Read more...]

A Celebration of Women: Q1 EVENTS

A Celebration of Women is elated to announce that we have surpassed 1,000,000 readers, and we've ONLY JUST BEGUN !!! Investing in the Power of Women - Goldman Sachs "Investing in women is one of the most effective ways to reduce inequality and facilitate inclusive economic growth. Research conducted by Goldman Sachs over several years has shown that investing in education for women has a significant multiplier effect, leading to more productive workers, healthier and better-educated … [Read more...]

AYI JIHU is to represent Minorities all over the world …

It is truly a humbling experience to work around Ayi Jihu, covering her work and reporting back to the world. One is aware that they are seeing something special at work, something unique and something that can ultimately change the way we look at each other. Watching Ayi Jihu somehow reminds me of the great Shaka Zulu who gathered the Disparate Zulu Tribes together into one awesome fighting force and whipped the British good and proper in a way that had never been done before. Without the … [Read more...]

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