Jan 25th at 10:30am PT, Special Webcast @ Lou Adler

(Special webcast being held on Jan 25th at 10:30am PT to discuss this.)Over the past 30+ years as a recruiter, I can confirm that at least two-thirds of my hiring manager clients weren’t very good at interviewing. Yet, over 90% thought they were. To overcome this situation, it was critical that I became a better interviewer than them, to prove with evidence that the candidate was competent and motivated to do the work required. This led me on a quest for the single best interview question that … [Read more...]

PARENTS, Boosting Your Child’s Self Esteem

Your child’s self-esteem is an important part of his self-image. It helps him feel he’s worthwhile just as he is and helps him feel good about his choices and decisions. A healthy self esteem doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s something that is nurtured and grown throughout a lifetime, and something that the important people in his life have a chance to help cultivate. Here are some tips for boosting your child’s self-esteem. Give your child choices throughout the day. A big part of … [Read more...]

Ayi Jihu Joins up with Ryan Jenkins Choreographer

‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Ryan Jenkins joins up with Ayi Jihu     Ayi Jihu - WOMAN of ACTION™ here at A Celebration of Women™,  is known for many things, however, what she has at her core is dancing. If you one goes back to her village in Leibo China and mentions her name, all will refer to the “little girl who was always dancing and singing.” In fact, she has been dancing ever since she could walk and whenever she dances people pay attention. Ayi Jihu is about to … [Read more...]

Shannon Smith, Premiere Image Intl. – WOMAN of ACTION™

A Celebration of Women™ is elated today to Celebrate the Life of yet another powerhouse of a woman. This woman has risen above incredible adversity throughout her life, maintained Grace throughout and Took Action. Instead of succumbing to her challenges and experiences in her early life, this WOMAN of ACTION took the lead in her own life, created the changes that were necessary to succeed and live the lifestlye that she knew was the only one for her! Today, this powerhouse of a woman … [Read more...]

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