International SWAN Day – Celebrated globally on March 30

WomenArts works to empower an international community of women artists and allies by sharing news about inspiring arts projects and funding opportunities, and by facilitating the annual world-wide Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) celebrations in March and April. Support Women Artists Now Day! SWAN Day/Support Women Artists Now Day is an international holiday designed to showcase the power and diversity of women’s creativity. Be a part of SWAN Day by creating or participating in a local … [Read more...]

Ayumi Ueda & Women of the World – WOMEN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Lives of these amazing women, a central force of energy that were attracted to each other with one mission and one vision in their collective soul. Women of the World was formed to bring women musicians from across the globe onto a common platform to collaborate and create, not only through the sharing of music, but also to explore and celebrate the differences in ideologies, and cultural tenets that exist in the daily lives of women … [Read more...]

Finding Your Voice – A musical journey of self-discovery!

THIS sounds like FUN, so we decided to share this news with the women of our world in New York, USA. We all love to sing in the shower and don't care how we sound...why can't we carry that freedom and non-judgment into our everyday lives and fully express who we are without being self-conscious and afraid...without trying to be perfect!   What is your story? What is your reason for no longer expressing yourself freely without fear? As children, we all embraced the process of life … [Read more...]

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