Finding Your Voice – A musical journey of self-discovery!


THIS sounds like FUN, so we decided to share this news with the women of our world in New York, USA.

We all love to sing in the shower and don’t care how we soundwhy can’t we carry that freedom and non-judgment into our everyday lives and fully express who we are without being self-conscious and afraid…without trying to be perfect!

What is your story?

What is your reason for no longer expressing yourself freely without fear? As children, we all embraced the process of life so easily. We were able to create, dance, and sing without fear. But something happened along the way…and we lost the sight and the sound of our own true voice.

Join us for a magical day of re-discovering your creative, lighthearted self once again. We’ll begin our journey with a morning dedicated to silencing judgment and quieting our inhibitions, allowing for a sense of wonder to rush back in. Following a conversation about the nature of performance anxiety, we’ll spend the afternoon singing, playing, and exploring our voices in a safe and fun environment.

No matter what you ‘do’ for a living, don’t miss this incredible opportunity to express your authentic voice and true, creative self. And bring that song you’ve always wanted to sing along with you! Even if you’re unsure of whether you’ll be able to work up the courage to perform it, don’t miss this incredible workshop! Jennifer has a variety of non-singing tools that will enable you to discover and develop- and celebrate- your authentic voice.


The workshop will be lead by Jennifer Hamady a performance and voice coach who maintains that we’re all singers—because life is a journey of finding our voice, and it is the deepest of human desires to clearly, powerfully and authentically share who we are with those around us.


She is the author of the recently-released The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice, and has performed alongside Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Patti LaBelle, Wyclef Jean, Def Leppard and others.


No talent required except for positive thinking

The ACADEMi of Life Workshop

How To Find Your Voice

April 14, 2012

11am – 4pm



Ripley-Grier Studios

520 Eight Ave, 10th Floor

Between 36th & 37th Streets

New York, NY

The ACADEMI of Life | NYC |

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