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In our last article we brought you the news that Ayi Jihu would be attending the Premiere screening of Fredi Kruga Film ‘If Only’.

Ayi Jihu is a supporter of C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models in Media Enterprise).

Last night we were able to join Ayi Jihu at the Screening of ‘If Only’ (our review will follow this article) and report on the events of the night.


As we walked into 195 Piccadilly the first thing we noticed was the turn out. Hundreds of people where here to watch the screening of Fredi Kruga’s first feature. Not bad for an Ex Gang member turned Social leader and now writer, Director and Film Producer.


Among the guest where people from all walks of life, From Ex Gang Members to Social leaders, Members of the Cast, community workers and celebrities. Fredi Kruga’s movie had caught the interest of many.


Ayi Jihu Met with several members of the Cast and the press and media before the screening.


In fact such was the interest in Fredi’s Movie one screening was not enough. Instead two screenings had to be arranged to accommodate everyone.


Before the actual screening itself we were treated to a few words from the man himself Fredi Kruga. Up until now he was hard to find such was the throng always surrounding him. Fredi Kruga is not a small man by the way. He spoke of his passion for this movie, his motivation and what he was trying to achieve with it and his organization C.R.I.M.E.


Fredi Kruga is an inspired man. He is a man on a mission. Perhaps it was his seeing in Ayi a kindred spirit that made him reach out the Ayi Jihu (The Fear Chaser) to join him on his quest to re-educate the youth going astray in Gangs and street violence. Perhaps losing 40 people he personally knew to street violence and gangs pushed him over the edge to make a change. Whatever it was you knew one thing when you listened to Fredi Kruga. He was serious!


We are also told that ‘If only’ is not just a film. It’s and educational and social tool that will be taken to schools, prisons and workshops all over the country. You will have to read our review (coming soon) to find out more about this film. Was it any good? However before you even go there if you are paying attention you will get a clue as to why this film is a little different to many that try to tackle the subject of Gang violence and street crime. If Only was not made just to exploit, or turn your head. It was not made to glorify commercialize Gangs and violence. It was made to tell the truth and teach. It was made by a man who has more experience of it than many who cry from the rooftops that they know about all of this stuff. ‘If Only’ was made to be real.


Throughout the film you could hear a pin drop. From start to finish (give or take moments when laughter, and yes there are some moments of humor in this film, were appropriate) everyone was completely involved in it. It was that type of film.

ayi-if-only-shoot-at-bafta_20130204_6903-editAfter the film Fredi Kruga found himself, Once again’ engulfed.

Even more now everyone wanted to talk to Fredi Kruga, perhaps a little incredulous at what they had just seen.

‘If Only’ is not what you expect. It’s better than what you expected (Now there is a little clue huh?)

Ayi Jihu looked stunning as always in her Young Native ensemble by Angela DeMontigny, but the star of the night was Fredi Kruga. It seems he has gone from the stuff of nightmares to the stuff of Dreams.

Find out more about C.R.I.M.E and If Only here.

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