A world on the move: Refugees and Migrants

For a world on the move: The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants The world is on the move, and the number of international migrants today is higher than ever before. In 2015, 244 million people lived in a country other than where they were born, including more than 20 million refugees and asylum-seekers escaping violence or persecution in their home countries. People have always moved in search of sustenance, safety and opportunity. By crossing borders and residing in other lands, … [Read more...]

Louise Hay, FREE Video Series with Suze Orman

Do you remember the story about how Hay House came to be? When I wrote my little blue book, my original dream was to go beyond my clients and the students in my workshops and help as many people as possible to change their lives for the better. One of my friends suggested that I publish my book. But when I met with several publishers, they either considered my material too radical or they wanted to rewrite it. You know how the story ends. I decided to publish it myself exactly as it was. … [Read more...]

‘Worthiness, authentically & wholeheartedly is essential’ … WOMEN in RECOVERY

The Hustle for Worthiness The Highest Purpose of your Higher Power ... is to restore your Self-awareness and Self-esteem as Children of God and help you accept the Love and Unlimited Blessings that God grants you. To live wholeheartedly and authentically requires worthiness. It is an essential ingredient too often overlooked. We are bombarded constantly with thoughts of “not being enough” – primarily working subconsciously. And these undetected thoughts lead … [Read more...]

PARENTS – Perinatal Bereavement, the death of a child

Perinatal bereavement is a unique mourning situation, as "the parents' expectations and joy at the prospect of a new life change into despair and grief. While perinatal loss is a profound experience for parents, often there is only minimal recognition. Societal expectations for mourning a perinatal loss are noticeably absent such as funerals and associated traditions. One mother described the experience in this way: "When I lost my baby at the beginning of the second trimester, there … [Read more...]

A Doorway to Persia, narration by Peter Coyote and Ymani Simmons

A DOORWAY To PERSIA The Persian people are part of the Iranian peoples who speak the modern Persian language and closely akin Iranian dialects and languages. The origin of the ethnic Iranian/Persian peoples are traced to the Ancient Iranian peoples, who were part of the ancient Indo-Iranians. The synonymous usage of Iranian and Persian has persisted over the centuries although some modern Western sources use Iranic/Iranian as a wider term that includes the term Persian as well … [Read more...]

Robin Williams as the American Flag, 4th of July Celebrations!

Robin Williams as the American Flag is an entertaining and educational tribute to the Stars and Stripes. This performance was from “I Love Liberty,” a two-hour television special created by Norman Lear and presented by People For the American Way in 1982. HOW MANY STARS & STRIPES ARE THERE IN THE AMERICAN FLAG? A: There are 50 stars and 13 stripes! The fifty stars on the flag represent the fifty current U.S. states. The thirteen (7 red, 6 white) stripes represent the … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Matters of the Heart

A Message From VERONICA Matters of the Heart "There are moments in life where the heart takes a bruising especially in the areas of relationships. These experiences have the ability to propel an individual into an evolvement stage, or into a negative spiral, which attracts more drama and more bruising. We are often asked why, by those who seek counsel. It appears to those involved in a negative spiral that indeed their whole existence is out of control. We suggest that if you … [Read more...]

Angelique – Balance Chakras

Greetings Friends and Angels, my name is Angelique Bianca. (White Angel). From many lifetimes, to many lives just in this one, I believe all these lives, led right here to now. When I was a child, I’d known of other lives, otherness, and this universal synchronicity that’s practiced in The Secret, or the Law of Attraction. I made a deal with myself to live a spiritual life. All I practiced, studied, experienced, and read, led me to believe that the most important thing you can do … [Read more...]

The Zen Garden – Video – Buddhist Meditation Music

ALBUM Relax - Buddhist Meditation Music - Zen Garden - Kokin Gumi - Da New AGe - Chill Out - Lounge Music http://www.yusuf-yusuf85.blogspot.com Zen Garden [SINGLE] [IMPORT] Kokin Gumi (Artist) $15.99 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000... … [Read more...]

HAYHouse: Supercharge Your Life with YES! Energy from Loral Langemeier‏

  Read an Excerpt » Preview YES! Energy. Download the first chapter. Receive FREE Gifts with Purchase » Order YES! Energy and you'll also receive access to the Yes! Energy Summit Replay Library and "Find Your Yes! Energy," an 8-week coaching program where Loral walks you through the book and shows you EXACTLY how to apply Yes! Energy to your real life to create real results. HURRY! This offer is only … [Read more...]

The Roman Conquest… One Woman Who Can Destroy an Empire!

ARIES FIRE ... The Roman Conquest... One Woman Who Can Destroy an Empire! Elaine Edelson is an internationally recognized intuitive channel and astrologer. As former host of her own radio show, Manifest Change Now, she interviewed global new-thought leaders and innovators. Elaine is the author of the non-fiction book, “Minutes to Manifesting” and creator of “The Bodhi System: Minutes to Intuitive Mastery.” As former host of her own radio show, Manifest Change Now, she interviewed … [Read more...]

Free Audio Class with homeopathic specialist Shelley McQuerter

Free Audio Class with homeopathic specialist Shelley McQuerter - Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience Unlike the United States homeopathy, in my homecountry Germany, is an established branch of medicine that has a huge number of loyal followers. Many medical doctors have additional training in homeopathy and will give you a choice of how you want to be treated. Unlike allopathic medicine, homeopathic remedies have no unwanted side effects and are considered to actually heal your body … [Read more...]

Housing — Our Response to HIV

Housing — Our Response to HIV By David Vos, Director, Office of HIV/AIDS Housing, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Cross-posted from The HUDdle - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Official Blog) June 5th, 2011 will mark 30 years since the first reports of persons infected with HIV. Today, even with the incredible strides in medication, care and understanding, much remains to be done. From our special vantage at HUD, housing that is decent safe and … [Read more...]

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