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Greetings Friends and Angels, my name is Angelique Bianca. (White Angel).

From many lifetimes, to many lives just in this one, I believe all these lives, led right here to now.

When I was a child, I’d known of other lives, otherness, and this universal synchronicity that’s practiced in The Secret, or the Law of Attraction. I made a deal with myself to live a spiritual life.

All I practiced, studied, experienced, and read, led me to believe that the most important thing you can do with your life is what I will be sharing here.

It is our time now.

Law of Attraction on a mass level. It started as a little buzz and turned into the bomb that went off and we woke up! We realized, we are not alone. And that united, it manifests 100 fold.

Why do you think we all love to gather so much!?

Rock concerts, sports games, congregations.

To reveal just how perfect we really are. All it’s going to take is some undoing of the thousands of years of perpetuated false myths. We are all here on a mission. To be the healers. In our biggest way, or smallest way.

It’s not important, for things that compare or compete are philosophies of the old way. We must open our minds and recognize we are one. And it is our only purpose, to love all. By loving all, we heal all.

If we start each day with this intention, knowing that our thoughts create our reality, the old ways will fall away like a dream.

I’ve been saying we are like Mac Book Pros, operating like Plough Horses. I want us all to upgrade our operating systems. And place honor wherever there is separation. To know that we don’t end or begin. That’s an old way of thinking. It will be obvious to those who know what I speak of. I don’t need to go back to any past perceptions. These are gone.

The internet is the perfect tool to see how clearly we are one. It reflects our consciousness, and it’s time to take notice. Because, why are we all here right now?

Because it is TIME! A really exciting time!

So how did a singer, songwriter, musician, writer and DJ get here to bringing you The Healers Way?

For me my job of music wasn’t work, but my service, my spiritual path. I didn’t write music to be rich and famous, but to learn and heal. Mostly, heal myself. I had to write, there wasn’t a choice. And how many times did I looked at the piece of paper before me, and feel on numerous occasions that what I wrote had just appeared. It felt many times like it had just come right through me, rather than from me.

I was painting pictures with words and melodies. And dreaming of a world where we all lived in harmony. And after all these years of placing my intent on devoting my life to God and peace, through music, the all, through my writing and musical path, that it would lead me exactly where I needed to go.

I think the best way to tell the story is to share the information I have been amassing.

So, stay tuned, as I will begin sharing a great deal of this information with a focus on healing, right here on my blog, The Healers Way.

Have you been following the chakra meditation video series on my blog?

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Start balancing your seven chakras now for optimal energy flow & balance for amazing holistic health 🙂

All Love and Eternal Gratitude,


BTW, here’s the link to all seven videos.

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