WOMEN and LEADERSHIP, does still Gender Matter?

International Women's Day 2015 was celebrated just last Sunday, and thousands of women's groups around the world created events to celebrate the positive steps taken this last year globally for all women. Some focused on gender equality, some on positive action and others chose independent themes that affect a woman's life in specific areas. Regardless of topic, all areas of a woman's life is important to the positive change this planet needs, in these critical times of change. The primary … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION™ – Isha Judd

A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing Woman! Please join us in this story of clarity and self revelation; our Tribute to Isha will bring enlightenment and joy to your hearts and minds, as we are sure every Woman of our World has shared in some part of this life. ________________________________________________________ Isha Judd Isha Judd is a modern visionary, whose message is touching thousands of … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO – Destiny of our World

  Enlightenment is available to every soul on this planet....owning it is a Choice that One makes. The time has come, with instant information that each and every person in our world Take Action to find the balance in our world that can eliminate the hate, the fear, the lack and all the lost due to misdirection and misguidance. There are no more excuses for false judgement, as we are all equal and all deserve the Right to Dignity, the Right to Hope, the Right to Life, the Right to Laugh, the … [Read more...]

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