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Please join us in this story of clarity and self revelation; our Tribute to Isha will bring enlightenment and joy to your hearts and minds, as we are sure every Woman of our World has shared in some part of this life.


Isha Judd

Isha Judd is a modern visionary, whose message is touching thousands of people throughout the Latin world.

As a contemporary woman who has reached the experience of enlightenment, often confused as a state of inner freedom only available to monks and mystics, her life’s work provides concrete proof that inner freedom and unconditional love of self can be achieved by all, without having to abandon the commitments and conditions of everyday life.

In her new book Consciousness Revolution. A new vision for life, Isha demystifies all of the theories and ideas we have about life, love, and everything, with a simplicity and clarity that leaves little room for confusion.

Isha offers no belief system; she simply shares her own experience — the experience of someone who has broken through the illusion of duality and perceives the eternal truth that lies beyond. Her vision for a world united in unconditional love can only be achieved, as Isha says, through our own self realization:

When I heal myself, I bring peace to the world.”

Throughout the text, the reader is often shocked and surprised: Isha’s perception of life is strikingly different from the fears and limitations we have become accustomed to in the modern world, and many of the things she says have never been heard before. Isha follows no doctrine or creed, and is a cosmopolitan, witty woman: her dry Australian sense of humour and matter of fact personality contrast delightfully with the profound depths of her wisdom, which resonates powerfully in the heart of the reader.

At times harsh and abrupt, as she jolts the reader into wakefulness, at times as soft and loving as an innocent child, Isha sings her love for creation in the words she has woven through this book.

In Consciousness Revolution we find the absolute, unabridged truth of unified consciousness, presented by someone so down to earth, so real and direct, so honest and so grounded, that when we have finished reading, we can seriously entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, enlightenment isn’t some far off dream.

‘Maybe it really is our birthright…

Maybe it’s the only reason we are here at all.’

This is the Consciousness Revolution.


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I admit it. I’m hopelessly in love. The first time I laid eyes on her in a pet shop in Chile, Elizabeth, my bulldog puppy, stole my heart. She looked forlorn and desperately bored; the poor thing had been caged up in the store for four months; no-one would buy her because she was so small for her age. I was shocked to hear she had been living like that for so long, and although I was not planning on getting another dog (I already had seven!) it was impossible for me to resist.

Elizabeth is a wonderful example of surrender to life. She embraces her reality completely, as all dogs do. They don’t sit there wondering if their lives could be different; they have an innate ability to enjoy life without questioning. This is a gift that we humans could learn a lot from. With all the “what ifs” that cloud our days, inhibiting our ability to truly enjoy what is in front of us, our capacity to find true happiness is greatly diminished. It is this inability to embrace the beauty of our present reality that maintains us in discontent. But not for Elizabeth! She embraces everything with loving acceptance, and I secretly believe that it was this surrender that brought her into my life. Why? Because now she experiences the other extreme; she lives in the lap of luxury, adored and pampered to her hearts content. She is the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever had; she is quite happy to fall asleep on top of mummy, her slobbery chops resting on my shoulder.

We get what we give in life. If we face situations of injustice with resentment and aggression, we will surely be in for a long and disheartening battle. Yet if we can learn to embrace the hardships with surrender and trust, a trust that everything is bringing us toward a greater freedom that we cannot yet conceive in its entirety, maybe, just maybe, we can transform situations of suffering into opportunities for growth.

In our arrogance, we accept the idea of the superiority of humanity without question. But maybe we have much more to learn from our animal friends than we think. What wisdom have you learnt from your animal companions? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Isha Judd is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author; her latest book and movie, Why Walk When You Can Fly? explain her system for self-love and the expansion of consciousness. Learn more at www.whywalkwhenyoucanfly.com.
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-spirituality-of-dogs.html#ixzz1eqOy3FZj


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sends our blessings and gratitude for this woman that achieved her own clarity.

Brava Isha!

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