Canada Day in Canada, JULY 1

On July 1, 1867, Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain and a federation of four provinces: Nova Scotia; New Brunswick; Ontario; and Quebec. The anniversary of this date was called Dominion Day until 1982. Since 1983, July 1 has been officially known as Canada Day. What do people do? In many towns and cities, municipal governments organize a range of events, often outdoors. These include pancake breakfasts, parades, concerts, carnivals, festivals, firework displays and … [Read more...]

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

In Canada, 747,000 people currently live with dementia and one of the major challenges they and their families face when they receive the diagnosis is the stigma associated with it. In fact, according to a recent poll by Alzheimer's Disease International, 40 per cent of people with dementia reported they had been avoided or treated differently after diagnosis. That's why, this January during Alzheimer Awareness Month, the Alzheimer Society Canada is launching a nation-wide campaign called "See … [Read more...]

Canada, Rent or Food? We Shouldn’t Have to Choose!‏

Hunger and affordable housing issues go hand-in-hand for Canadians with low incomes. But we shouldn't have to choose between affording food and paying rent! Rising housing costs often leave families without enough income to cover necessities like food, driving them to food banks for the most basic form of assistance. A quarter of all Canadians spend more than 30% of their income on housing, pushing these costs of out of the threshold of affordability. Tell the government that … [Read more...]

PMO celebrates green energy projects across Canada

PM announces energy innovation projects across Canada May 3, 2013 Quebec City, Quebec Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced support for 55 innovative new projects aimed at producing and using energy in a cleaner, more efficient way. Support is being provided through the Government of Canada’s ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative, which was introduced in Budget 2011, and is being led by Natural Resources Canada. The Prime Minister was joined by Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry … [Read more...]

Karen McCrimmon, Liberal Debate, Feb 16 Toronto!

  WOMAN of ACTION™ - Karen McCrimmon tells Canadian people to not take the easy 'road of criticism' of what is; she leads the way by telling Canadian people to 'take the hard road of what could be'! Create Collective Vision that serves every demographic, serves the people ... Be accountable, Be collaborative, Be respectful, Be transparent and Take Action!     Join the Party As a valued member the following benefits and services are available to … [Read more...]

Celebrate Citizenship Week, CANADA – October 17 – 23 !!!

Celebrate Citizenship Week October 17 - 23, 2011 Canada’s Citizenship Week is intended to encourage all Canadians to reflect on the value of citizenship, what it means to be Canadian, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.   Canadians are proud of their citizenship. We value the rights and freedoms and accept the responsibilities that this status gives us.Learn about what being a citizen of Canada means:Citizenship Week — October 17-23, 2011 Canada’s … [Read more...]

PMO celebrates CANADA DAY !!!

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada to mark Canada Day       July 1, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the following remarks on Canada Day: “To Your Royal Highnesses, Your Excellencies, distinguished guests and my fellow Canadians here on Parliament Hill, across Canada and around the world, Happy Canada Day everybody. “What a great day. What a great crowd. I thought we had a big crowd last year, but I think this is the biggest yet. “Today our … [Read more...]

PMO:Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Mother’s Day

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Mother’s Day May 8, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark Mother’s Day: “Laureen and I would like to wish mothers across Canada a happy Mother’s Day – a day when we honour and celebrate their strength, guidance and compassion. “Mothers are the anchors of our families, dedicating themselves to being our most important role models, nurturers and teachers. Motherhood involves passing on the … [Read more...]

cbm – New Hope for Abdulgafar‏!

A Celebration of Women loves the work these wonderful Canadians are doing: A Celebration of Women, Last month I sent you an email about a young mom from Ethiopia - Tuba, a 14 year-old who gave birth to Abdulgafar, a boy with hydrocephalus. I want to share a letter I received from Tuba about the incredible transformation that has taken place in their lives. "To my friends in Canada, I am so happy to tell you about the change in Abdulgafar’s life. It all started when cbm’s … [Read more...]

PMO(Canada) – Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day

  Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination   March 21, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: “On this day in 1960, police in Sharpeville, South Africa shot into an unarmed crowd and killed 69 anti-apartheid demonstrators, generating international alarm which led to the creation of this day. “Events … [Read more...]

Canada: '…public protections against false news coverage could be destroyed.'

Dear friends across Canada, Public protections against false and misleading news coverage could be destroyed by the CRTC -- paving the way for "Fox News North" to spread false information to the Canadian public that supports their political agenda. We have just two days to raise a national outcry and urge the CRTC to protect Canadian journalism! In 48 hours, public protections against false news coverage could be destroyed. The CRTC may pass a huge loophole to the “fair and balanced” … [Read more...]

care2 petitionsite: 'Let's make Canada a leader for affordable AIDS drugs!'

Give AIDS Drugs the Vote They Deserve In 2009, Parliament passed a bill (C393) that would make affordable AIDS drugs available throughout the developing world. But the sponsor of the bill resigned and the rules of Parliament require a revote. We've already seen that the majority of Parliament supports this bill. Now we need to urge conservative members to agree to a sponsor, so that the bill gets the democratic vote it deserves. Let's make Canada a leader for affordable AIDS … [Read more...]

ANARCHY or DEFIANCE, that is the question?

  G20 SUMMIT 2010     PEACE on the Mission?   'Toronto the Good' has not gone this Summit unscathed..... ...the following shares some History repeating itself....   WHO is Really Behind PROTESTS?     DESTRUCTION     WHY?   In an excerpt from our Toronto Star, it was dictated that: "Many in the black uniforms are self-proclaimed anarchists, some claiming membership in the Southern Ontario … [Read more...]

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