WOMEN of ACTION™ – Queen Elizabeth II

A Celebration of Women™ has been inspired to pay Tribute to one of our World's most enduring Matriarchs in History. Her Royal Queen Elizabeth II has risen above adversity and maintained Her Regal Quality throughout any and all challenges through personal and professional life. In full Elizabeth Alexandra Mary , officially Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, … [Read more...]

PMO – PM highlights Government’s 2011 Achievements

PM highlights Government's 2011 Achievements   Ottawa, Ontario Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement highlighting some of the Government’s significant accomplishments in 2011: “2011 was a momentous year for Canada both at home and abroad.“Global economic uncertainty continued to create challenging conditions in 2011. Our Government remained focused on jobs and growth and continued to implement our Economic Action Plan." The results have truly been … [Read more...]

Azerbaijani – Women Parliament , Women’s Bill of Rights

Azerbaijani - Women Parliament , Women’s Bill of Rights Although Azerbaijan is one of those countries that have ratified the Treaty for the Rights of Women, officially known as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and a significant improvement in addressing the rights of women and girls was made, there is much room for improvement. This was a conclusion of the seminar conducted by the Azerbaijani Women Association for Rational Development … [Read more...]

care2 – Animals Are Companions, Not Property‏

Hi, A Celebration of Women, There is a reason we call cats and dogs "companion" animals. They are our friends and family. They comfort us in tough times and help create happy memories. Canada's laws should reflect what animals really are: loved ones -- not property » Three years ago, Parliament passed a bill to increase penalties for animal abusers, but nothing has changed. That's because it's incredibly difficult to prosecute these criminals and prove that they've inflicted pain or done more … [Read more...]

Camilla Anne Burke is talking to Canadian Women!

Camilla Anne Burke shares this news with the Women of our World! Pls read it and share to the Cdn female community---WE have all worked too hard to advance against his type Patriarchal Rule of Oppression against Women! I did not vote for him in the Advance Polls and nor did 34% of the voters so far---Enough is Enough---we can't afford to 'GO backwards' not one more step~   What has Stephen Harper done for women over the last 5 years? Harper has systematically undermined women in Canada by … [Read more...]

care2 petitionsite: 'Let's make Canada a leader for affordable AIDS drugs!'

Give AIDS Drugs the Vote They Deserve In 2009, Parliament passed a bill (C393) that would make affordable AIDS drugs available throughout the developing world. But the sponsor of the bill resigned and the rules of Parliament require a revote. We've already seen that the majority of Parliament supports this bill. Now we need to urge conservative members to agree to a sponsor, so that the bill gets the democratic vote it deserves. Let's make Canada a leader for affordable AIDS … [Read more...]

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