Care2 – STOP Military Sexual Violence against Egyptian Women!

On March 9th, military police and civilian men attacked and destroyed the camp of peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir Square. 18 women were arrested and dragged to a museum not far away where they were abused and violated.Tell the Head of the military in Egypt to stop the violence against female protesters.»The women were beaten and strip searched as groups of men watched and photographed them. They were also forced to submit to a "virginity test" and told that any woman who was not either married … [Read more...]

care2-petitionsite – actionALERT

2.3 million children under the age of 15 are infected with HIV, and Canada can get them the medication they need. Urge Parliament to make life-saving drugs more available to the developing world. » In 2004, Parliament created "Canada's Access to Medicines Regime" (CAMR) with the goal of getting affordable medicine to people in the developing world, but the initiative was seriously flawed. Bill C-393 would fix it by making it easier to export life-saving AIDS drugs to developing countries. A … [Read more...]

care2 petitionsite: 'Let's make Canada a leader for affordable AIDS drugs!'

Give AIDS Drugs the Vote They Deserve In 2009, Parliament passed a bill (C393) that would make affordable AIDS drugs available throughout the developing world. But the sponsor of the bill resigned and the rules of Parliament require a revote. We've already seen that the majority of Parliament supports this bill. Now we need to urge conservative members to agree to a sponsor, so that the bill gets the democratic vote it deserves. Let's make Canada a leader for affordable AIDS … [Read more...]

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