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2.3 million children under the age of 15 are infected with HIV, and Canada can get them the medication they need.

Urge Parliament to make life-saving drugs more available to the developing world. »

In 2004, Parliament created “Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime” (CAMR) with the goal of getting affordable medicine to people in the developing world, but the initiative was seriously flawed.

Bill C-393 would fix it by making it easier to export life-saving AIDS drugs to developing countries. A large drug company, Apotex, has already committed to producing and delivering the much-needed drugs as soon as the bill passes.

The bill is under review, and it must be kept intact in order to be effective. Canada could save the lives of thousands in need, but we need to put the pressure on Parliament to make it happen.

Tell Parliament that Canada can be a world-leader in affordable AIDS medication.

Tell them to pass C-393. »

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