Pakistan, Women constitute only 2% membership of the trade unions

- WOMEN - Only 2% trade union members in the formal and invisible in the Informal economy   ISLAMABAD (ILO News) - Women constitute only 2% membership of the trade unions in Pakistan, this figure does not even include informal economy of which more than 70% are women. This alarming figure was shared in a training workshop, “Training of trainers in developing women leadership in trade unions” held at Naran from July 28 to August 8, 2012. The training was jointly organized by … [Read more...]

Camilla Anne Burke is talking to Canadian Women!

Camilla Anne Burke shares this news with the Women of our World! Pls read it and share to the Cdn female community---WE have all worked too hard to advance against his type Patriarchal Rule of Oppression against Women! I did not vote for him in the Advance Polls and nor did 34% of the voters so far---Enough is Enough---we can't afford to 'GO backwards' not one more step~   What has Stephen Harper done for women over the last 5 years? Harper has systematically undermined women in Canada by … [Read more...]

Kim Phuc – A Journey of Peace

    February 22, 2011       A World Focus Event: A Journey to Peace At the age of nine Kim Phuc became the iconic figure of how war so cruelly creates victims of innocent children and civilians. Known as the "girl in the picture"; the subject of a Pulitzer prize-winning Vietnam War photo snapped by Nick Ut in 1972 and credited by many as the photo that helped to end the war, the snap of the camera ultimately saved Kim's life and has allowed her the unique … [Read more...]

christian blind mission: Your LOVE in Action!

      February 2011   Thank you for transforming a child's life in 2010! 1,253 children can celebrate being able to hear, walk, live a fuller life... all because of you. Here's how you helped rescue forgotten children in 2010...   View Report → YOUR GIFTS – HELPING 350,000 CHILDREN SAY, "I CAN"!   Midway through 2010, we asked you to give Ethiopia's children the opportunity to go to school, walk again, and receive … [Read more...]

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