Karen McCrimmon, Liberal Debate, Feb 16 Toronto!


Karen for Canada


WOMAN of ACTION Karen McCrimmon tells Canadian people to not take the easy ‘road of criticism’ of what is; she leads the way by telling Canadian people to ‘take the hard road of what could be’!

Create Collective Vision that serves every demographic, serves the people …

Be accountable, Be collaborative, Be respectful, Be transparent and Take Action!


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    1. What is really interesting about this particular leadership race is that to support any of the candidates, one does not need to become a Liberal party member to vote. That means that any of 23 million Canadians that do not belong to a political party can help choose the next Federal Liberal Party of Canada leader…who could theoretically become one day the Prim Minister.

      I would strongly suggest any Canadian women here to consider supporting Karen Mccrimmon if she speaks to you at all. She is not your typical politician.

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