POVERTY in the Western World: The ‘Working Poor’, a Toronto Report

POVERTY IN THE WESTERN WORLD: The 'Working Poor' Report The Metcalf Foundation is pleased to release a new report entitled, The "Working Poor" in the Toronto Region: Who they are, where they live, and how trends are changing. According to the report, the number of working poor in the Toronto Region increased by 42% between 2000 and 2005. This group accounted for more than 113,000 adults in the Region overall, and 70,700 in the city of Toronto. Toronto's working poor live in a … [Read more...]

ANARCHY or DEFIANCE, that is the question?

  G20 SUMMIT 2010     PEACE on EARTH......is the Mission?   'Toronto the Good' has not gone this Summit unscathed..... ...the following shares some History repeating itself....   WHO is Really Behind PROTESTS?     DESTRUCTION     WHY?   In an excerpt from our Toronto Star, it was dictated that: "Many in the black uniforms are self-proclaimed anarchists, some claiming membership in the Southern Ontario … [Read more...]

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