ANARCHY or DEFIANCE, that is the question?

  G20 SUMMIT 2010     PEACE on the Mission?   'Toronto the Good' has not gone this Summit unscathed..... ...the following shares some History repeating itself....   WHO is Really Behind PROTESTS?     DESTRUCTION     WHY?   In an excerpt from our Toronto Star, it was dictated that: "Many in the black uniforms are self-proclaimed anarchists, some claiming membership in the Southern Ontario … [Read more...]

CANADA'S 'Wife to the Prime Minister' – Laureen Harper

A Celebration of Women sends our best regards and wishes Canada's 'Wife to the Prime Minister', all the Strength of a Lion and hopes she maintains the Heart of a Lamb.  Her role in Women's Empowerment is critical and holds the power to INSPIRE extreme changes in the new paradigm of Women Rights throughout the world.     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   G20 SUMMIT - 2010     Host to Women Leaders, 'Wife to the Prime Minister' LAUREEN HARPER   'Wife to the Prime Minister' of Canada, LAUREEN … [Read more...]

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