Our Blessed Mothers‏, Rev. Nina Roe

With an ear to ear mischievous grin, my grandfather used to say, "Every day is Mother's Day!" "So true!" I hear the angels echo. And yet... this is a time of year when many of us are inspired to acknowledge the blessed soul who ushered us into this world. For some of you, this will be easy. For some, it will not... just remember your angels are here to help! In celebration of blessed mothering love, I encourage you to pause and reflect on the good things you do remember either with … [Read more...]

Intro to Angel Communication, Angels Teach – FEB 7

Thursday February 7th at 8pm eastern I will be facilitating our *free* Intro to Angel Communication with my co-hosts Marianne Chandler, Dean of Students and Master Teacher, and Nanette Ellis, Angelic Life Coach® and Teacher-in-Training. This event is no-charge and all registrants will receive access to the downloadable recording. If you've already registered, I look forward to connecting with you. If you haven't had a chance to register yet and are drawn to learn more about who the … [Read more...]

Angels Teach, 12-21-2012 tele-seminar

Well it's tomorrow isn't it...12-21-2012. Wow! Such an exciting, invigorating and yes, challenging, time to be alive! While sometimes the journey can feel overwhelming - like the process of birthing - these energies are ushering in a new genre of existence, guided by the laws of compassion, integrity and grace. To celebrate this epic and very sacred time of evolution, I am hosting a Winter Solstice with the Angels free event tomorrow at noon eastern. Please join me and several of our … [Read more...]

Angels for Life !!! ~ Global Teleclass, November 17th at 8pm eastern

Once again, I will be speaking through the wonderful venue of Global Teleclass which offers many free opportunities to learn from masters. The topic of my class is Angels for Life! How angel communication can change your day-to-day life and takes place on Thursday, November 17th at 8pm eastern (recording available to those who register.) In the hour we spend together, I will share how the angels are here to help you with every aspect of life from guiding you to the right job, to finding an … [Read more...]

Angels really ARE for Everyone‏, AngelsTeach with Marianne

Greetings dear Angels! TRAVEL TIPS for the Event, Marianne, Dean of Students & Customer Care Angel So sorry to bother you with another email about our event, but Rev. Nina's email message yesterday has generated many questions from you who are feeling the call to attend our Angels For Everyone event in September but need some additional details before doing so. We want to be sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Transportation The closest airports are … [Read more...]

Rev. Nina Roe – Angels Teach

There have been events for several folks of our Living with the Angels™ community within the recent past that have been extraordinarily challenging. Loss of children, grandparents, soul mates... Our members and students have rallied around each other to provide support and it is a beautiful thing to witness the shared love that has resulted from these tragic events. This is a time of great change and transition on our planet and the energies can feel very stressful and straining, especially for … [Read more...]

Rev. Nina Roe: Dark Night of the Sensitive Soul‏

  Life can feel so hard sometimes. For those of us who are highly sensitive and heard to the subtler vibrations of existence, the pain and suffering can be overwhelming. For me in the younger years, this sensitivity was a gift that fueled an inherent sense of joy and gave me wings. Almost literally... Rev. Nina - age 3 Once I entered the school system, my sense of freedom changed. For the next 35 years of my life, I mastered the art of toning down and even tuning out my … [Read more...]

Angels Heal – Message from the Angels for 2011‏

      Happy New Year earth angels!     I have a special video for you about 2011.    As I was recording this message, the angels helped me realize that if 2011 were to be summarized in one word, it would be TRUTH.     The energies coming in with 2012 are insistent upon truth and 2011 is getting us ready.                        Please enjoy this "Wheel of the Year" angel reading  using Toni Carmine Salerno's beautiful Gaia Oracle cards. (There's a story behind the bunny, by the way. When … [Read more...]

ANGELS TEACH – Health Coach Career Opportunity

         This may be the perfect time for you to consider becoming a web-based Health Coach and start earning a new and professional income. Companies like Google, Motorola, UnitedHealthcare and others are employing Health Coaches who use web-based technology.We have arranged for you to attend a special complimentary teleconference/webinar presentation hosted by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.. They are the folks who have pioneered professional Health Coaching with web-based technology. You … [Read more...]

REV. Nina Roe, this wintertime, Taking Action!

    Fluffy & Your Friend at AngelsTeach wish you...   Happy New Year!     New beginnings! I just love 'em!   The angels have been sharing messages with me the past two weeks about 2011.     About the Winter Healing Event 2011    To summarize in a few words...intense...wonderful...enormous shifts of consciousness...emphasis on reclaiming personal authority...global awareness with a new perspective...love with a "happy edge". While I'm not clear yet … [Read more...]

REV. Nina Taking Action! 'Angels Teach: Truth, Raziel and Holiday Prayer Event‏'

      It has been a while since I have communicated with all of you regularly. A busy teaching season is winding down and my guidance is to reach out and reconnect. Feels good, because I always love interacting with all you inspired earth angels!     A Moment of Truth     'Tis the season.   For honesty that is.   I'm talking about full blown, head on, stand-in-front-of-the-mirror naked and smiling kind of honesty.   At least that's how I wish to live this month signifying the celebration of … [Read more...]

Archangel Raphael Month is MAY – ANGELS Teach

An interesting message came through from Archangel Raphael this morning as we kick off "May is Archangel Raphael Month" with the Living with the Angels™ membership program. As I sat in meditation, I was guided to share it more broadly with all of the AngelsTeach community. Please read and enjoy... Message from Archangel Raphael I am excited to be your focus for the month of May! I know there is a lot of ground we can cover on the topic of healing and I will be … [Read more...]

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