WOMEN in RECOVERY – Your Guardian Angel

      A Celebration of Women...   ...a friend of mine recently sent this message to me,  and I decided to share this with the Women of our World, as this is true for all of us, if only we would 'Believe, Seek assistance and Listen'.        Reach out to your Guardian Angel now and receive her blessed miracles for a rich and rewarding life.    " I was recently reading about angels and how they are ever-present in our lives, and they are always available to … [Read more...]

Rev. Nina Roe: Dark Night of the Sensitive Soul‏

  Life can feel so hard sometimes. For those of us who are highly sensitive and heard to the subtler vibrations of existence, the pain and suffering can be overwhelming. For me in the younger years, this sensitivity was a gift that fueled an inherent sense of joy and gave me wings. Almost literally... Rev. Nina - age 3 Once I entered the school system, my sense of freedom changed. For the next 35 years of my life, I mastered the art of toning down and even tuning out my … [Read more...]

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