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An interesting message came through from Archangel Raphael this morning as we kick off “May is Archangel Raphael Month” with the Living with the Angels™ membership program.
As I sat in meditation, I was guided to share it more broadly with all of the AngelsTeach community. Please read and enjoy…
Message from Archangel Raphael
I am excited to be your focus for the month of May! I know there is a lot of ground we can cover on the topic of healing and I will be providing messages through the earth angels on the forum as well as through Rev. Nina periodically in the emails.
Whether you are presently working more with your own personal healing or whether you are putting yourself out to the world more as a healer helping others, I will guide you with choices you can make to help keep you on your highest path.
Healing is a subject that ellicits many conflicting feelings. Often times the only healing necessary is to look at those beliefs straight on, recognize them for what they are, hold on to the ones that are best for you and let go of those which are not.
For example, let’s pretend for a moment that you are experiencing chronic sniffling, sneezing and springtime sinus discomfort…
If you were to go to a traditional doctor, you would probably be diagnosed with “allergies” and given a prescription for relief. This is a belief.
If you were to seek help from a doctor of acupuncture, they probably would not view that you have allergies, but rather that you have an imbalance of Chi, or life force energy and they might use needles and herbs to remedy the ailment. This is a belief.
If you were to be the client of a reiki, EFT or energy healer, they might discover an underlying theme of anger towards some aspect of life to be the cause of your symptoms and they might use energy work and counseling to provide relief. This is a belief.
All these beliefs are different and yet you are dealing with the same “symptoms”. All of these beliefs address aspects of the same problem. Is one of these beliefs closer to the truth and more legitimate than another? No.
While this answer may surprise some of you, the bottom line is that disease results from disharmony when your energy is not in full alignment with God and the angels. Viewing any medical modality as “wrong” or “right” is not allowing for the perfection of God and the angels that lies within all things.
If you address an underlying issue with anger and feel guided to get help from allergy medications, that is perfect. If you resolve an imbalance in your Chi and realize that you still have some anger to look at, that’s perfect too. Close the door on a modality that may be a part of the divine answer for you and your healing journey will be more challenging.
True healing comes from looking at everything that’s going on – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – with an open heart and an open mind and seeking help that’s in alignment with your highest good.
Bless you, dear Catherine! I invite you to open yourself to the complete answer for your healing of anything that feels disharmonious in your life.
I know exactly what my body needs right now.
I know exactly what my mind needs right now.
I know exactly what my heart needs right now.
I know exactly what my spirit needs right now.
I am in harmony body, mind, heart and spirit!
If you are already a Living with the Angels™ member, thank you! and no need to read further!
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And so much more!…we just received feedback via survey from our members who are loving the program and had some awesome suggestions. We will be continuing to look for ways to offer more to those who feel a resonance with the experience of Living with the Angels™.
We’re growing and expanding with 4 live monthly events (all recorded), 5 angel email messages/week, an online forum with angel communication experts and special offers for $9.97/month!  All geared to help you connect more deeply with your winged friends in your everyday life.
I ALWAYS guide my students, clients (and anybody who will listen, really!) to ALWAYS follow your heart and do what your angels guide you to do regardless of other influences.
In closing, I invite you to close your eyes and take 5 deep cleansing breaths. Open your heart and mind to the wisdom of Archangel Raphael. What does this wise, healing source of love have to share with you in this moment?
Be well dear A Celebration of Women, and keep your angels close today!
Blessings of Love, Joy and Abundance,
Rev. Nina
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