Angels for Life !!! ~ Global Teleclass, November 17th at 8pm eastern

Once again, I will be speaking through the wonderful venue of Global Teleclass which offers many free opportunities to learn from masters.
The topic of my class is Angels for Life! How angel communication can change your day-to-day life and takes place on Thursday, November 17th at 8pm eastern (recording available to those who register.)
In the hour we spend together, I will share how the angels are here to help you with every aspect of life from guiding you to the right job, to finding an inspiring book, to preparing a healthy, nourishing meal to understanding and healing your relationships.
Learn the very basics of angel communication with examples of how you can apply them to living an everyday life of magic.
This class is at no-cost to you and is part of a forum with lots of other inspiring teachers for you to enjoy and learn from!
Here are the details…

I have been invited to conduct a training class at a speaking platform like no other and wanted to invite you to listen.

You can participate in as many classes as you wish from the comfort of your home and convenience of your telephone or computer. At this platform you will be trained, motivated and inspired by some of the most respected speakers in the Health, Personal Development and Sales & Marketing Industries.

Go to:

For the month of November, scheduled speakers include:

Health Department: Dr David Ajibade , Aleya Dao, Camille Leon, and Dr. Symeon Rodger

Sales & Marketing Department: Janine Driver, Jerry Myers, Paul Keetch, Topher Morrison, and William Patterson

Personal Development Department: Dr Annie Kaszina, Cecily MacArthur, Doreen Banaszak, Gail McMeekin, Jennifer Ford Berry, Ka Sundance, Leslie Householder, Lori Hamann, Marnie Swedberg, Morry Zelcovitch, Nan Akasha, Rev. Nina Roe, Patrice Dickey, Shellie Hunt, Simran Singh, and Tal Shai.

Remember, these classes are being offered at no cost to you and you can participate from the comfort of your home and convenience of your telephone or computer. 

To register for Angels for Life!, you must do so through http://www.globalteleclass.comand visit the Personal Development section of the website.Remember, this and other classes offered by these talented professionals are being offered at no cost to you and you can listen from the comfort of your home and convenience of your telephone or computer.

Enjoy your day with the angels!
Blessings of Love, Joy and Abundance,
Rev. Nina
P.S. Remember to register today for Angels for Life! and any other classes that will tickle your fancy!

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