Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry

Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry   Publicly traded 3 billion plus Company, NOW EXPANDING across USA, Canada and Western Europe, in a $500 billion market, with headquarters in Dallas, Houston and Toronto and over 1.5million customers, with agressive Nationwide expansion plan for next 5 years, looking for BEST Team Builder, Trainers, Connectors and Communicators... We have the Training and Support and the BEST Compensation plan in the Industry... You can work … [Read more...]

UN Women – Last Minute Reminder, hiring !

  Employment UN Women is now hiring expert practitioners for the following assignments: Executive Associate Location: New York Post Level: G6 Application Deadline: 5 September 2011 Website Analyst Location: New York Post Level: P2 Application Deadline: 5 September 2011 Reporting and Communications Specialist Location: New York Post Level: P3 Application Deadline: 5 September 2011 Partnerships Analyst Location: New York Post Level: P2 Application Deadline: 6 … [Read more...]

Kellogg MBA Program – Women Take Action!

    A Celebration of Women shares this opportunity with the Women of our World,  for education is one Key that works in the career path of life, as a simple courtesy,   to those women seeking a career boost!     If You are seeking to advance in Your life, Take a peek!      Unsubscrib   BNET News & Special Offers BNET Business Library     The Kellogg Executive MBA Program        Designed for senior and mid-career executives, the Kellogg Executive MBA … [Read more...]

Alina Mikos – 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career   Plan for Your Success In today’s depressed economy, where the idea of job security has all but disappeared, many have found themselves full of uncertainty over the future of their chosen careers. Perhaps you have lost your job recently and feel like you may never again be offered something in your field that you’ll actually enjoy. Maybe you have taken a job or two which has lead you in a different career direction than you would have preferred. … [Read more...]

FEMININE POWER – Career Opportunities

   Have you ever longed to work in a highly creative, spiritually charged environment where your own deepest values and interests can find full expression? If so, we'd like to let you know about some exciting career opportunities with our Feminine Power team. As many of you know, our organization has been rapidly expanding since its inception only a year and a half ago. The overwhelming - and increasing - demand for our programs has catapulted us from only two staff members in June of … [Read more...]

ANGELS TEACH – Health Coach Career Opportunity

         This may be the perfect time for you to consider becoming a web-based Health Coach and start earning a new and professional income. Companies like Google, Motorola, UnitedHealthcare and others are employing Health Coaches who use web-based technology.We have arranged for you to attend a special complimentary teleconference/webinar presentation hosted by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.. They are the folks who have pioneered professional Health Coaching with web-based technology. You … [Read more...]

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