Working Moms face 9 Challenges – a Nanny can help!

Juggling the demands of a career and a family is a difficult task, even for the most driven and accomplished women. Both demand the majority of a woman’s time and resources, leaving her to balance these two aspects of her life very carefully, with almost no time left for herself. If you’re returning to the workplace after the birth of a child, or even after a long absence from your career while your children were very small, there are areas in which a nanny can offer assistance that you will not … [Read more...]

Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry

Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry   Publicly traded 3 billion plus Company, NOW EXPANDING across USA, Canada and Western Europe, in a $500 billion market, with headquarters in Dallas, Houston and Toronto and over 1.5million customers, with agressive Nationwide expansion plan for next 5 years, looking for BEST Team Builder, Trainers, Connectors and Communicators... We have the Training and Support and the BEST Compensation plan in the Industry... You can work … [Read more...]

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