Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry

Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry


Publicly traded 3 billion plus Company, NOW EXPANDING across USA, Canada and Western Europe, in a $500 billion market, with headquarters in Dallas, Houston and Toronto and over 1.5million customers, with agressive Nationwide expansion plan for next 5 years, looking for BEST Team Builder, Trainers, Connectors and Communicators…

We have the Training and Support and the BEST Compensation plan in the Industry… You can work from your home office on your Lap Top and Cell phone or from our Dallas, Houston or Toronto office… No traveling required… Weekly Bonus and Commission from your 1st day and 100% retention factor for Residual and Passive Income.

Send a short resume with your INCOME GOALS for short, medium and long term (1, 5 and 10 plus years), with best time for a CONFIDENTIAL PHONE INTERVIEW. We will respond to you during next 8 business hours, attention .

Ms. Barbara Lumpkins, National Director Executive.
Energy Partners, LLC /Att. Ms. Barbara Lumpkins

Go Getter?


Call 719-387-7902 or email [email protected] .

Barbara Lumpkins’s Summary

We enjoyed many successful years in Real Estate acquisition. All of our time was spent purchasing, remodeling and turning the next deal. The downturn in the housing market dramatically rocked our world. We reinvented ourselves, and are now successful entrepreneurs in the home business industry enjoying our adventure travel lifestyle from anywhere.
Barbara Lumpkins

Livin’ Free n Easy…..

Email: [email protected]

Heading into our fourth year in the Network Marketing Industry, I continually embrace the task at hand. Which is to assist and educate professionals how business gets done in 2011, through the next decade, and beyond.

It’s no news to anyone, the state of current financial affairs, domestic and internationally. We are in historic times. These changes will, and continue to occur, without you and me.

Our partnership with Momentis by Just Energy allows us the ability to assist individuals with tools and resources to thrive in the coming years, and to actually create a legacy for their families.

Unlike any corporate environment, our TEAM succeeds together, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!

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