Bill Harwood – MAN of ACTION™

   A Celebration of Women™  is elated to Celebrate the Life of a very generous and awakened male energy.   This unsung hero has devoted his life to helping others, and is now here to help the women of our world, as he embraces the vision, comprehends the state of our planet and has the desire and heart to Take Action.   MAN of ACTION™      Mr. Bill Harwood     In 1973, I was an established tenure track Faculty member and administrator at Antioch … [Read more...]

MARCIA MARTIN – New Year’s Rainforest Request

Marcia Martin Productions, LLC ~ New Year's Rainforest Request To Family, friends, and colleagues, This is a request for your immediate help. Three years ago I witnessed first hand the beauty of the Amazon rainforest and the Achuar people who have lived there untouched by our modern world for thousands of years. I also learned about the fragility of this pristine land and how vital the rainforest is to all of us; not only is it the home of an incredible diversity of plants and animals … [Read more...]

Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry

Regional Sales Director-Deregulated Energy Industry   Publicly traded 3 billion plus Company, NOW EXPANDING across USA, Canada and Western Europe, in a $500 billion market, with headquarters in Dallas, Houston and Toronto and over 1.5million customers, with agressive Nationwide expansion plan for next 5 years, looking for BEST Team Builder, Trainers, Connectors and Communicators... We have the Training and Support and the BEST Compensation plan in the Industry... You can work … [Read more...]

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