Nature Is Speaking, Julia Roberts is voice of Mother Nature

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is voice of Mother Nature Our movement is dedicated to managing those things we can control. Better. Country by country. Business by business. Human by human. We are not about us vs. them. It doesn’t matter if you’re an American, a Canadian or a Papua New Guinean. You don’t even have to be particularly fond of the ocean or have a soft spot for elephants. This is simply about all of us coming together to do what needs to be … [Read more...]

MARCIA MARTIN – New Year’s Rainforest Request

Marcia Martin Productions, LLC ~ New Year's Rainforest Request To Family, friends, and colleagues, This is a request for your immediate help. Three years ago I witnessed first hand the beauty of the Amazon rainforest and the Achuar people who have lived there untouched by our modern world for thousands of years. I also learned about the fragility of this pristine land and how vital the rainforest is to all of us; not only is it the home of an incredible diversity of plants and animals … [Read more...] , Murder in the Amazon‏

The Amazon forest is at risk. The Brazilian Congress has watered down strict forest protection laws and brave Brazilian activists are being murdered for speaking out. It’s time for us to take this critical battle global -- if we all call on President Dilma to veto the bill, we could save the Amazon. The Amazon is in serious danger, the lower house of the Brazilian congress has approved a gutting of Brazil’s forest protection laws. Unless we act now, vast tracts of our planet’s lungs could be … [Read more...]


A Celebration of Women celebrates with the United Nations all the efforts that are being made to refurbish our forest terretories around the world. Without our forests, the quality of our lives will drastically change; if even exist. One example is the Brazilian Rainforest: The Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves, in the states of Bahia and Espírito Santo, consist of eight separate protected areas containing 112,000 ha of Atlantic forest and associated shrub (restingas). The … [Read more...]

Emily V. – More than 100 endangered Asian elephants — the largest population in Cambodia

More than 100 endangered Asian elephants -- the largest population in Cambodia -- depend on the elephant corridor in the Cardamom Mountain rainforest.But the elephants could lose this critical habitat if Cambodia approves a permit for a new titanium mine in a meeting this Friday! Tell the Cambodian Minister of Commerce to protect his country's wildlife »It's not just elephants: The Cardamoms are home to sun bears, Siamese crocodiles and more than half of Cambodia's bird population. Moreover, the … [Read more...]

Avaaz – AMAZON under Threat!

Brazil's top environmental regulator resigned last week under pressure to allow the hugely destructive Belo Monte Dam Complex, which would scar the Amazon and displace thousands of people. Protect the Amazon, its people, and its species -- sign the petition to Brazil's President Dilma opposing the dam and calling for energy efficiency instead:         Amazon under threat‏!   Last Wednesday, Brazil's top environmental regulator resigned in refusal to license a project that experts say … [Read more...]

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