10 Tips to Taming the PMS Beast, Free E-Book

Is it really possible to be PMS free? It's finally ready! The new The Hormone Diva hub is ready for action. And it comes with a free ebook, Youtube channel and more! I like to choose a word or two to live by each year. My words this year are PEACE and ABUNDANCE. And this year is all about BIG change here at The Hormone Diva. New logo, new website and new approach. Do you like the new look? My goal is to create an inviting, safe and supportive space for women like you to learn, change … [Read more...]

Mental Illness, a very ‘taboo’ subject in Islam

Mental Health is an issue needing to be addressed in all communities and all countries in our world today. Below is just one story shared from a community that is plaqued by Stigma, in the realm of acceptance of 'Mental Illness' as a medical condition: "I have always struggled to talk to my family about my mental health problems openly because I was scared I would not get the support that I need but obviously when you live in the same house, you cannot hide it from them. I live with an … [Read more...]

Reverse the Curse!, DeAnna L’Am

Like many women, DeAnna struggled with PMS and for many years viewed her period as a bother and a nuisance. In 1992 she began a personal journey toward embracing her monthly cycle, which led her to “reverse the curse!” Having already been a trained coach and facilitator at the time, she called her first Menstrual Empowerment circle in 1994. The response was overwhelming, and the journey embarked upon — profound. In 1995 DeAnna coined the term ‘INNER MAIDEN’ as a result of recognizing the … [Read more...]

Make peace with PMS and the Menstral ‘Cycle’ – WOMEN in RECOVERY

  Congratulations on deciding to: Make peace with your cycle,   Live PMS-Free,   And model empowered womanhood to the girl in your life!       Reverse the Curse!, DeAnna L'Am   Whether you came to love your cycle, or hate it,whether you have no PMS symptoms,or suffer excruciating physical or emotional pain monthly, whether you have a daughter or not - you will find here just what you need to uproot any negative residues from your adolescence, and … [Read more...]

The Calm before the Storm – PMS

The Calm Before The Storm "I come home in the evening, after working hard all day I open up the mailbox, to see what I must pay. I have a cup of coffee, a cigarette I light There is a moment's pleasure, before there is a fight. The kids are in a frenzy, I can't take it anymore Your supper is in the oven, I am walking out the door. I said no need to worry, there's no reason you should pout I didn't want to hear it, just put my dinner out.@ Anonymous Well her voice got … [Read more...]

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